Honkai Star Rail: How to increase your world’s Equilibrium Level

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Honkai Star Rail’s world is teeming with all kinds of enemies and loot, but you’ll need to increase your Equilibrium Level if you wish to get your hands on higher rarity materials and items. Find out everything you need to know about Honkai Star Rails’s Equilibrium Level and how you can increase it. 

Leveling up and ascending your characters and Light Cones is pivotal to your performance in Honkai Star Rail, as not only does it increase their stats, but allows you to upgrade your most powerful character’s abilities, granting them additional effects.

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And you’ll need every advantage you can get to clear higher levels of Forgotten Hall and Simulated Universe. As a result, increasing your Equilibrium Level should be a top priority for any trailblazers, as it will allow you to raise your characters’ DPS. 

In order to help you increase your Honkai Star Rail’s Equilibrium Level, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about this game-changing mechanic in our guide below. 

Not being able to ascend a character in Honkai Star Rail due to Equilibrium Level being too lowHoyoverse
You will often find yourself not being able to ascend a character further in Honkai Star Rail due to the Equilibrium Level being too low

What is Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level

The Equilibrium Level dictates the rarity of loot that is both dropped by enemies and rewarded for clearing Calyxes, allowing you to kit your party out with some incredibly powerful gear.

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However, increasing your Equilibrium Level does come with new-found difficulties. As all enemies will grow more powerful, Calyxes and weekly bosses will receive new difficulty levels you can choose when attempting them, increasing the skill it takes to beat them together with the loot they reward. 

While this may sound a little daunting initially, the increased rewards and ability to max out your characters’ levels and weapons via Ascension are well worth the added risk.

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How to increase Equilibrium Level in Honkai Star Rail

Upon beating the “To Rot or to Burn” main story quest, which is only available to players at Trailblaze level 18 and above, you’ll be able to increase your Equilibrium Level by completing the Trial of the Equilibrium: Part One side quest, given to the player automatically during a story event.

In order to begin the ascension, you’ll first need to reach Trailblaze level 20 and then head over to Robot Settlement and enter the Trial of the Equilibrium Warring Expedition

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Trial of the Equilibrium location in the Robot SettlementPortal to the Trial of the Equilibrium location (replaced by a Calyx once you clear it)

It’s recommended that your party is at least level 29, but you can still manage the challenge if you’re below this level. There are two main elite enemies in the trail, one of them is weak to Ice, Lighting, and Imaginary elements, while the other one is weak to Fire, Wind, and Quantum elements.

How to beat Trial of the Equilibrium: Part One in Honkai Star Rail

The area is simply two rooms, each containing one of the mentioned elite enemies, connected by straight corridors.

The room on your left upon entering the dungeon contains a Level 29 Ice Out of Space enemy, in the actual fight he is accompanied by two Everwinter Shadewalkers that share his weakness of Fire and Quantum.

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The room on your right contains a Level 29 Searing Prowler instead, he is accompanied by 2 Incineration Shadewalkers that share his weakness of Ice and Imaginary.

In order to increase your chances of success, we recommend taking out the Shadewalkers first before focusing on the elite. Bring at least one character of Fire or Quantum element, and at least one of Ice or Imaginary element. Ideally, they should also possess AoE abilities that can apply that element. 

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Once you’ve successfully beaten both, your Equilibrium Level will increase and you’ll be able to reap your new-found rewards. To raise your world’s Equilibrium Level further, you must complete Trial of the Equilibrium: Part Two side quest, given to the player automatically at Trailblaze level 30.

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