Genshin Impact 4.1 update: Release date, characters, banners, events, and more

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Genshin Impact Traveler with with new 4.0 charactersHoYoverse

Genshin Impact’s 4.1 update has finally arrived and there’s a handful of new content for Travelers to enjoy, including story quests, events, and brand-new banners. Here’s everything in the most recent update.

HoYoverse gave Travelers the brand new Fontaine region to explore in Genshin Impact‘s 4.0 update, and now there’s even more content to enjoy thanks to the 4.1 update, including two new characters, Neuvillette and Wriothesley.

There’s also been a fairly sizeable map update to Fontaine in version 4.1 which will provide players with even more environments to explore, as well as new enemies to fight. If you’re particularly interested in the lore of the Fontaine region in the game, this update should have a lot of great information to get stuck into.

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Without further ado, here’s a rundown of everything featured in the Genshin Impact 4.1 update.


Genshin Impact 4.1 livestream

The official 4.1 livestream took place on September 15, 2023.

If you missed the livestream, you can watch it back via the game’s official YouTube channel using the link below.

Genshin Impact 4.1 release date

The Genshin Impact 4.1 update was released on September 27, 2023.

Phase 1 will run from September 27, 2023, to October 17, 2023, and then Phase 2 will begin so Travelers have plenty of time to reroll on the current banners.

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Genshin Impact 4.1 banners

Genshin Impact 4-1 bannerHoYoverse
The Genshin Impact 4.1 banners have finally been revealed.

The Genshin Impact 4.1 marks the debut of the 5-star Neuvillette and 5-star Wriothesley. Neuvillette is a Hydro character who is known to douse his foes with his powerful AoE attacks, while Wriothesley utilizes his Cryo-imbued fists to deliver rapid strikes.

Phase 1 of the update features Neuvillette’s banner alongside a Hu Tao rerun, which will both include the following 4-stars:

An image of the current Genshin Impact banner.HoYoverse
5-star Hydro character Neuvillette is available on the current Genshin Impact banner.

Phase 2 of the 4.1 update, which is due to begin on October 18, 2023, will see the debut of Wriothesley, alongside a Venti rerun however the 4-stars that will accompany them haven’t been revealed just yet.

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Genshin Impact 4.1 story quests

Genshin Impact 4.1 characterHoYoverse
Two new story quests will be added in the Genshin Impact 4.1 update.

Two new story quests are featured for Travelers to complete in version 4.1.

Archon Quest Chapter IV “Cataclysm’s Quickening” and Act III: “To the Stars Shining in the Depths” are both now available to play. Throughout these quests, Travelers must secretly investigate a series of mysterious incidents and track down Childe within the Fortress of Meropride.

Both new enemies and characters appear in these quests, so you’ll make sure you’re fully prepared to face the challenges.

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Genshin Impact 4.1 new environments

Genshin Impact 4.1 locationHoYoverse
Genshin Impact 4.1 will add new locations to the game.

Two new points of interest have been added to the Fontaine region that gives Travelers some interesting environments to explore. Full details of both environments can be found below:

  • Fontaine Research Institute: A place of study for Fontaine’s top minds. However, after scientists pushed their experiments too far, the area suffered a massive explosion that has since led to the area becoming tricky to navigate. Players will need to use the Allpgravity-Condensed Water Bodies to scale the structures.
  • Fortress of Meropide: This steampunk-inspired prison is located underneath Fontaine’s waterways and was built to house the region’s convicts. It’s known for its labyrinthian tunnels and deadly guards.

4.1 events

Genshin Impact 4.1 minigameHoYoverse
There are plenty of Genshin Impact 4.1 events to delve into.

This update includes a lot of unique events that Travelers can take part in to secure free Primogems and other goodies. We’ve provided a rundown of each major event below:

  • The Peaks and Troughs of Life: Help a Fontaine researcher test Pressurized Impactors.
  • Radiant Harvest: Help merchant Kesean remove the laboratory-created fish from Fontaine’s waters.
  • Dodoco’s Bomb-Tastic Adventure: Use Dodoco to throw different types of Jumpy Dumpties to defeat the army of spiky fish on the board.
  • Overflowing Mastery: Travelers can claim the double Talent Level-Up Material rewards by using Original Resin on Domains.
  • Hundred-Pace Hurling Rites: Throw darts to hit as many pots as you can within the time limit.
  • Inspiration Eruption: Create a team and take down your enemies by using Inspiring Crystals, which release an AoE shockwave that damages nearby foes.
  • Mending Painting Prospects: Take pictures and search for missing objects to help the art conservator restore paintings.

4.1 enemies

Two new boss enemies are featured in the latest Genshin Impact update.

The first is the Experimental Field Generator, which can use AoE attacks to shock players, as well as a Gravitational Reduction Field that increases the player’s jump height. By defeating this world boss, you’ll be able to collect Ascension material that can be used on Wriothesley.

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An image of the Millennial Pearl Seahorse in Genshin Impact.HoYoverse
The Millennial Pearl Seahorse is a brand new world boss.

The second world boss is the Millennial Pearl Seahorse. During this fight, Travelers will need to destroy crystals in order to prevent the creature from unleashing devastating electronic attacks. Defeating it will provide you with Ascension materials for Neuvillette.

Finally, Seneschal of Frost and Seneschal of Wind are two new Fontaine enemies who will aim to stop the Traveler during their exploration of Fontaine Research Institute.

So, there you have it, that’s everything we currently know about the Genshin Impact 4.1 update. Make sure you check out our Genshin Impact page for all the latest guides and updates.

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