Nintendo Switch update 13.2.0 patch notes: Removed Pokemon Diamond & Pearl glitches?

nintendo switch update with pokemon backgroundNintendo

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl players making the most of unlimited Master Ball and duplication glitches have been put on a red alert, with a new Nintendo Switch 13.2.0 update.

But, what’s it actually changed?

Some members of the Pokemon community, particularly those sharing tricks to get more of the rarest items in-game, have been left worried that this system update could remove the opportunity to continue exploiting those issues.

Unlike title updates for Pokemon games, which usually come along with official details on the areas that have been tweaked, Nintendo does things a little differently.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Shiny Lucario screenshotILCA / The Pokemon Company
Some Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl glitches have handed trainers easy Shiny Pokemon since its November 19 launch.

A lot of the content and menu fixes usually fly under the radar, in the absence of official details or a blog post breaking it all down.

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Nintendo Switch 13.2.0 system update: patch notes

Just like many other Switch console updates, Nintendo has not confirmed a set of official patch notes – leaving it to the imagination, or for dataminers to sniff around for clues.

On this occasion, OatmealDome has provided some patch notes, with stability changes and bug fixes taking up the majority of the limelight.

For those wondering about Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl tweaks, it appears that the game has been unaffected by this.

A second tweet from OatmealDome focused on black screen issues, as well as a Chinese rating system.

That’s everything we know so far about the Nintendo Switch 13.2.0 update, and for those making the most of unlimited Master Ball, Rare Candy or Shiny Pokemon glitches in-game, you live to fight another day.

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