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Horizon Forbidden West: Release date, trailer, gameplay, PS5 details

Published: 28/Sep/2021 1:55 Updated: 28/Sep/2021 2:09

by Brent Koepp


Guerrilla Games debuted extensive footage for Horizon Forbidden West during a special State of Play in May 2021 and later revealed the release date in August. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming PlayStation exclusive. 

The sequel to 2017’s Zero Dawn was first unveiled back in June 2020 as a part of Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal event. While there hasn’t been much information since then, all of that was blown wide open with the May 27th State of Play.

During the digital conference, Guerilla Games gave players their first look at Forbidden West’s gameplay. The 18-minute video revealed a flurry of new features and weapons, as well as what players can expect from Aloy’s continued story.



Aloy riding on a mechanical creature along a beach with the Golden Gate Bridge

The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn will debut on the PS5.

Horizon Forbidden West release date

Despite delays, on August 25th 2021, Guerilla Games finally gave fans a release date – February 18th, 2022.

Is Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation exclusive?

As with Horizon Zero Dawn, it looks set that the sequel will be exclusive to the PS4 and PS5. In 2020 the title was finally released to PC players with enhancements, so as with Zero Dawn, the game may eventually come to PC down the line.

Announcement Trailer

Exploring gorgeous underwater locations and sprawling forests, Aloy discusses the ‘Old Ones’ and how with their demise, new life and new dangers arose. Setting the tone for the sequel, she tasks herself with finding a way to stop these ‘new dangers’ from spreading further and destroying everyone.



Horizon Forbidden West gameplay footage revealed

Guerilla Games finally lifted the curtain on the project and revealed extensive gameplay during the May 27th State of Play. In total, 18 minutes of new footage was shown off at the special Horizon Showcase.

Players got their first peek at the game’s gorgeous PlayStation 5 graphics, as well as a slew of new features being introduced into the franchise. The development team even gave viewers a few insights into what to expect from the story.

Horizon Forbidden West new weapons & features

Forbidden West is a third-person action roleplaying game that will feature a much larger map than its predecessor. Aloy will journey across Northern America in a bid to save the world from its impending destruction.


The sequel also aims to drastically expand its combat. Enemies will now be able to control robotic creatures like Aloy and will use them to hunt her down.

During the gameplay footage shown at the May State of Play, Guerilla Games also revealed a whole host of new combat features and weapons, which we will list below.

  • Raider enemies can now override machines to use them as both weapons and mounts.
  • Aloy now has a focus scanner that can highlight spots for free-climbing anywhere in the open world.
  • A new pullcast item lets you zip to the top of a wall or high-up location to bypass climbing. Think of it as a grappling hook.
  • You can now use a wing shield to parachute down from high-up locations. Similar to a glider, you can also drop in on enemies.
  • The diving mask allows you to swim underwater for as long as you want. You can hide from enemies, as well as find currents to boost travel at high speeds.
  • A larger variety of machines can now be mounted.
  • There will be a larger emphasis on weapons being shot off the robotic animals which you can pick up and now use.
  • Aloy will have access to a close-range spear. The melee weapon can be charged up with special abilities, such as a shocking device to knock enemies out or break shields.
  • A new slingshot can shoot adhesive grenades to stick to enemies.
  • Players will now be able to use a workbench to upgrade weapons.
  • Outfits now have skills attached to them, letting players boost their abilities in unique ways.
  • There’s a “new and improved” skill tree in Forbidden West.
Horizon Forbidden West Aloy swimming
Guerrilla Games / PlayStation
Underwater exploration looks to be a feature in the Guerrilla Games title.

Back at the original PlayStation 5 unveiling during their ‘Future of Gaming’ event, the Japanese company gave consumers their very first look at the hardware device, while also introducing a wealth of upcoming games coming to the platform.

One of the biggest surprises of the digital conference was the reveal of Horizon Zero Dawn’s sequel, Forbidden West. The announcement came with a breathtaking three-minute trailer that depicts protagonist Aloy exploring various locations from tropical beaches, to vast desert landscapes.


What is Horizon Forbidden West’s story?

During the May 27 State of Play, Guerilla gave players a peek at what to expect from the story. The game will open up with Aloy and her partner Erend exploring the ruins of San Fransisco in search of an artifact.

As Guerrilla later revealed in a PlayStation blog post, Forbidden West picks up six months after the events of Zero Dawn.

A red plague-like moss called “the blight” is rapidly spreading across the world, and Aloy has to race against time to try to find a cure for it by sifting through clues left behind from past civilizations.

Horizon Forbidden West Storm trailer
PlayStation / Guerilla Games
Aloy must face the blight in Forbidden West, as was an ominous storm.

Throughout her journey, Aloy is set to encounter old familiar tribes along with new clans and unique machines to boot. Along the way she’ll have help from both “old and new companions,” Guerrilla confirmed.


Horizon Forbidden West: Editions

Sony have announced that there will be four different editions of Horizon Forbidden West. Fans will be able to choose from the:

  • Digital Deluxe Edition
    • PS4 and PS5 versions, exclusive cosmetics and weapons, digital art book and soundtrack & more
  • Special Edition
    • SteelBook physical copy of the PS4 or PS5 version, exclusive cosmetics and weapons, digital art book and soundtrack & more
  • Collector’s Edition
    • A custom sculpted Tremortusk and Aloy statue, PS4 and PS5 versions, SteelBook display case, exclusive cosmetics and weapons, digital art book and soundtrack & more
  • Regalla Edition
    • A Regalla-themed, custom sculpted Tremortusk and Aloy statue, Replica Focus and custom stand, two Art Print Cards, PS4 and PS5 versions, SteelBook display case, exclusive cosmetics and weapons, digital art book and soundtrack & more

All of the specifics can be found via the official website.

That’s all we know so far about Guerilla Games’ upcoming Horizon Forbidden West release date and gameplay. Stay tuned right here, as we’ll continually update you with any new information as it drops.