When is Hogwarts Legacy out? Release date, trailer, PS5, Xbox, more

Hogwarts Legacy release date: trailer, delays, gameplay features

Published: 7/Nov/2021 22:11 Updated: 7/Nov/2021 22:19

by Jacob Hale


Hogwarts Legacy, the highly requested open-world RPG set in Warner Bros’ Wizarding World universe will let players live out their fantasy at Hogwarts, but when is it releasing? Here’s everything we know about the game so far.

A number of leaks and rumors spread across the internet about a Harry Potter RPG before its official reveal at Sony’s PS5 Showcase Event in 2020.

The game, which was announced alongside the likes of Final Fantasy 16 and God of War: Ragnarok, is something Potter fans have been clamoring for years: experiencing the life of a Hogwarts student in fully realized detail.


Hogwarts Legacy release date

Hogwarts Legacy cauldron spell
Warner Bros. Games
Hogwarts Legacy lets you become a young witch or wizard enrolled in Hogwarts.

September 16, 2020 was the very first time we saw anything concrete about Hogwarts Legacy, but we weren’t lucky enough to get an exact release date on the new game.

Some footage and a first-look trailer were shown, but given the fact that even a rough timeframe for release wasn’t provided, it was anyone’s guess on when the title might actually land.

Further delays to Hogwarts Legacy

On January 13, 2021, the official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account tweeted that the game would be further delayed to make sure that the best experience is provided to players upon release. 

While this was upsetting to many fans, it should allow the game’s developers to further refine the experience, and will hopefully mean that the final product will be well-received by players.


Hogwarts Legacy 2022 release window leaked

After months of silence on the state of Hogwarts Legacy and its planned release, some eagle-eyed fans spotted a small, unintentional update from publisher Warner Bros, hidden in an interview with Toy World Magazine.

Fans on Reddit were quick to highlight the news, which revealed that Hogwarts Legacy would be the Wizarding World’s “second major release of 2022,” with an apparent date landing after the next Fantastic Beasts installment, which is scheduled to hit theaters on April 8, 2022.

While this tidbit didn’t confirm an exact date for Legacy’s release, it seemed to indicate that the title will land sometime after April, which led hopeful fans to speculate that this could mean a holiday release, or that the game could end up on PC and consoles as early as Summer 2022.


Hogwarts Legacy trailer

So far, Portkey Games have only shown off one trailer for Hogwarts Legacy, showcasing the game in all its 4K, next-generation glory — and fans of the franchise will feel right at home, by the looks of it.

Hogwarts itself is detailed to perfection, with its moving stairs, floating books, and instantly recognizable hallways — though fans should expect to see some differences, given the 100-year time leap between Hogwarts then and the castle as we know it.

What is the plot about?

The first thing to note about Hogwarts Legacy is that it’s not set in any time period that the Potter books or films have explored in the past. Instead, it takes us all the way back to the late 1800s, as detailed on the game’s official website.


“Your character is a student who holds the key to an ancient secret that threatens to tear the wizarding world apart,” the website reveals. “You have received a late acceptance to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and soon discover that you are no ordinary student: you possess an unusual ability to perceive and master Ancient Magic.”

It continues: “Only you can decide if you will protect this secret for the good of all, or yield to the temptation of more sinister magic.”

This suggests that the storyline will definitely have some open ends, and could even encourage multiple playthroughs so you can go through as usual or visit the side of the dark wizards and witches, though we can’t confirm exactly how this will work.


Hogwarts Legacy features

Hogwarts Legacy aims to provide players with a robust set of features, from crafting their character to choosing their House, before jumping into a vast open-world with many well-known locations and creatures.

Revealed by Bloomberg on March 3, Hogwarts Legacy will also allow for trans-inclusive characters to be created by players within the game.

Allowing players to customize their voice, body-type, and gender identity prior to entering the Wizarding World, this feature will encourage the freedom to create a character that best represents them. Fans are also allowed to choose between ‘witch’ or ‘wizard’ in how they are addressed throughout the school. 

Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter dragon
Warner Bros. Games
Hogwarts Legacy brings some fantastic beasts to the game including, by the looks of it, dragons.

With a morality system present as well, the story is yours to craft as you learn magical spells, tame magical beasts, and explore the iconic castle of Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy platforms

The good news for budding witches and wizards worldwide is that Hogwarts Legacy will be on all platforms. Obviously, it will be on PS5, but Xbox players will also be able to pick it up for the Series X|S, and it will also be available on PC.

Not only that, but if you’re not planning on upgrading your console any time soon, the game will also be available on PS4 and Xbox One, so you won’t have to gather the money to fund a brand new system to play on.

Thus far, there has been no confirmation or suggestion that Hogwarts Legacy will make an appearance on handheld devices — sorry, Nintendo Switch players!

Harry Potter Hogwarts crest
Warner Bros. Games
Hogwarts Legacy looks like it could be just what Potter fans have been asking for.

That’s everything we know about Hogwarts Legacy so far. Hopefully, it helps expand the story of the Potter universe further than it’s ever been before, especially with the brand-new time period.

Given its late 1800’s setting, we might be fortunate enough to see some familiar faces if they’re particularly old. Whilst the game is set far enough away from Harry Potter’s plotline to retain its individuality, it will still retain a sense of familiarity for fans.

Hogwarts Legacy has already garnered mass fan reaction on social media, which can hopefully carry on throughout its lifespan after the game is released. Harry Potter fans have been desperate for a good, open-world game from the series for years, and this could just be it.

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