Is there a Horizon Forbidden West difficulty trophy? How to change difficulties

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Wondering if Horizon Forbidden West has a trophy for completing the game on the highest difficulty? Here’s everything you need to know, as well as how to alter how challenging the game is.

After years of waiting, the highly anticipated sequel to Sony’s PlayStation exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn, has reached our screens in the form of Horizon Forbidden West.

Putting players back into the shoes of fan-favorite heroine, Aloy, fans are tasked with bringing an end to The Blight, a rust colored moss intent on causing chaos. Brimming with trophies for you to obtain and flex on your friends with, many have been asking whether or not there’s a trophy for completing the game at the most challenging level.

So, here’s whether or not Horizon Forbidden West has a difficulty trophy, as well as how to make the game harder in your settings if you’re looking for the hunt of a lifetime.


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Does Horizon Forbidden West have a difficulty trophy?

In short, no, Horizon Forbidden West does not have a difficulty trophy. This means that you will not get anything special for playing the game at a higher level (other than bragging rights, and to be honest those are kind of worth it in themselves, right?)

There are also no specific missions that need to be completed on a higher difficulty, so you can explore the game at whatever pace you like.

Horizon Forbidden West: Difficulties

As with every game, Forbidden West has a vast array of different default difficulties, but it also allows you to tailor just how challenging the game is with the custom difficulties setting.

Below are all of the build-in modes, as well as what you can change in the custom section:

How to change difficulty settings

Thankfully, you can change the game’s difficulty at any time throughout your post-apocalyptic journey with a quick visit to the ‘Settings‘ menu.

  1. Choose ‘Options‘ on your controller
  2. Go to ‘Settings
  3. Select the ‘Game‘ tab
    • This should be the default one when you open Settings, but have a check just in case!
  4. Scroll down to ‘Difficulty,’ and adjust it by using left and right on the analogue stick

So that’s everything you need to know about Horizon Forbidden West’s difficulty settings, and whether or not there’s any trophies to be had for playing a more challenging mode.

Looking for all of the latest news? Be sure to keep up with all things Aloy with out Horizon Forbidden West page.

Difficulty Attributes
Story Combat is made easier to allow for focus on exploration and the game’s narrative
Easy Gives players an easy combat experience while exploring
Normal Balances exploration, story, and combat
Hard Offers challenging combat throughout
Very Hard Incredibly demanding combat that will force players to test their skills
Custom Players can control:

Damage to Aloy

Enemy Health

Concentration Duration

Loot availability

Auto Heal

Auto Concentration

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