What we know about Horizon 2074 TV show: Plot details, stream, rumors

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Guerrilla Games

Sony is developing a TV show adaptation for Guerilla Games’ wildly successful Horizon Zero Dawn franchise. Here’s what we know about the show, reportedly called ‘Horizon 2074,’ like story details, streaming, and more.

Horizon Forbidden West continued Aloy’s story as she migrated to the west to investigate a concerning disease. The game introduced a much broader world, as well as the machines that inhabit it, and revealed more of the deteriorated Earth players are tasked to explore.

Both entries in the franchise have sold exceptionally well for Sony and fan reactions have propelled Horizon as one of PlayStation’s top properties in the last few years.

Now, details and rumors of the Horizon TV show have slowly crept out of the woodworks as audiences look forward to its eventual release.

horizon forbidden west
Guerrilla Games
The Horizon TV show will reportedly deal with another perspective of the fall of Earth’s civilizations.

Horizon Zero Dawn TV adaptation

On May 26, Sony confirmed that it was developing a show based on Horizon. The working title is rumored to be ‘Horizon 2074,’ according to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb.

Details are likely to change, but some believe that Grubb might have meant ‘Horizon 2064,’ which would better coincide with the well-documented history of events presented in the games.

Regardless, the Horizon show will be a part of a couple of video game adaptations from Sony, including a God of War and The Last of Us project.

What is the plot of the Horizon series?

The Horizon TV show will reportedly be split between the cusp of modern civilization’s downfall that sets off the events of the game and the present time of Aloy’s world.

According to Grubb, the show will run “parallel” to what the video game presents while diving into aspects of Earth as the world starts to crumble.

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Netflix are adapting a Horizon TV show based on Guerrilla Games popular franchise.

Where to stream Horizon TV show?

It’s been reported that the Horizon Zero Dawn show is in development in partnership with Netflix. If that’s the case, then expect to stream Horizon on Netflix whenever it releases.

It’s unclear where Sony will want to make the show available, but there’s a good chance it’ll debut on the leading streaming service before anywhere else.

Sony will surely unveil more details of the Horizon TV show as the project develops, and we’ll be sure to update this story with every new piece of info that’s released.

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