Horizon Zero Dawn series: Everything we know

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Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West.

A Netflix Horizon Zero Dawn series will adapt the PlayStation games. Let’s look at rumors, when the show could potentially be released, and what fan casts are catching our eye.

Horizon Forbidden West followed our favorite redhead warrior to uncharted territory. In the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, the RPG expanded the world, introduced romance, and forced Aloy to accept she’s no longer a lone wolf.

The games cultivated a lush, gorgeous world — full of deadly machines, mysteries from the past, and unlikely allies. Cinematic and special (more on that in Dexerto’s Horizon Forbidden West review), it makes sense for this world to get adapted.

A live-action Horizon series is in development at Netflix, so let’s dig into what the new TV show could look like.


Is there a Horizon Zero Dawn series release date?

There is no Horizon Zero Dawn release date for the Netflix series yet. It will likely not come out until at least 2026, as it hasn’t started filming.

Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West.

But at the tech event CES 2024, Sony said that writing on the series has begun.

On May 26, Sony confirmed that a Horizon show was being developed. The working title could be Horizon 2074, according to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb. That’s just a rumor for now, though.

Details are likely to change, but some believe that it could be ‘Horizon 2064’ instead because November 1, 2064, is a significant date in the game’s narrative.

This adaptation will be a part of a stream of recent Sony titles to make the jump to TV shows. Don’t forget, we’ve got God of War coming too. The Umbrella Academy creator Steve Blackman is onboard as the showrunner, but other details about the Horizon release date aren’t likely to be revealed soon.

Horizon Zero Dawn series cast speculation

No actors have been cast in Netflix’s Horizon TV show yet. The series is unlikely to use voice actors from the game such as Ashly Burch, Crispin Freeman, and Josh Keaton.

Burch is an incredible talent, lending her voice to some of our most beloved video game characters. However, she’s significantly older than Horizon’s main character, Aloy. In the first game, she’s only just entering young adulthood.

Cast announcements should come sooner than release date information, however, there are no confirmed actors yet. Sadie Sink from Stranger Things is a popular fan-cast for Aloy, but that’s just wishful thinking for now.

She’s got a memorable look, with long red hair and bright blue eyes. That doesn’t mean the actor has to look like her, but with the success of The Last of Us’ faithful HBO adaptation, suits might want to hire someone who fits that bill.

Lance Reddick, who voiced the mysterious character Sylens who aids Aloy while sheltering her from hard truths, died in 2023. He was an accomplished screen and voice actor who recently worked on another Netflix adaptation of a game series, Resident Evil. We bet he would have been the top choice for the live-action version of Sylens.

What could the Horizon Zero Dawn series plot be about?

The Horizon TV show will probably tell the same story as the first game. Zero Dawn follows an outcast named Aloy as she uncovers the secrets behind civilization’s downfall.

Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West. She looks over a young man in white and blue face paint.
Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West are part of an overarching story.

Zero Dawn introduced players to a world ravaged by AI machines originally intended to be part of a symbiotic ecosystem. Long after the crumble of civilization after the AI went awry, young Aloy finds herself unexpectedly tied to the past.

As an orphan, Aloy belongs to no clan. Thankfully, she was trained by a father figure who turned her into a capable warrior. When she finds ancient technology, she decides to follow the threads in front of her to find out where she came from and why she can access the technology when others can’t.

How closely it will follow the first game’s events remains unclear, as there’s wriggle room to showcase the series from an entirely new perspective. It’s unclear if Aloy will even be part of the series. That being said, the game’s narrative is incredible and already fit for purpose.

The series could cover Aloy’s challenging integration into society and the human recklessness that effectively reset the world.

That’s all the current information available, but there’s plenty of other news coming in.

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