Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to find Dried Ginger

Disney Dreamlight Valley dried gingerDisney / Gameloft

Finding Dried Ginger in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be particularly challenging, especially when nothing is hinting at its location. We’ve got exactly how you can find Dried Ginger in the new Disney Dreamlight Valley update.

The Nature & Nurture main quest line given to you by Scar contains a variety of new recipes, locations, and ingredients. Unfortunately, many of these new items don’t come with much of an explanation, like players needing to find Dried Ginger.

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Many will instantly begin looking in the Forgotten Lands since that’s where you get normal Ginger. However, finding Dried Ginger is a little tougher. Here’s where you can find it so you can get back to restoring Dreamlight Valley.

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Where to get Dried Ginger in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to find Dried Ginger Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

To find Dried Ginger in this adorable game, you will first need to head into the Vitalys Mines. Once in there, to your right, you will see a set-up campsite with a table, chair, stove, and crates.

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Just by the table will be a green chest. Make your way to the campsite, which may be a challenge due to the maze-like nature of the mine, but keep going and mining and you’ll find your way around.

Then, once you get there, open up the green chest and the Dried Ginger, and some Crackling Candy. With those ingredients, you can now make some Extra Fizzy Root Beer and fill the required barrel.

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That’s how you can get hold of some Dried Ginger in Disney Dreamlight Valley. While finding your way around this maze of a mine, take a look at some of our handy Disney Dreamlight Valley guides:

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