Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar’s Kingdom update: Star Path, Halloween outfits, bug fixes, more

Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar's Kingdom Halloween UpdateDisney, Nintendo

Disney Dreamlight Valley has released its first major content update, “Scar’s Kingdom”, which includes new content, seasonal items, a mine, and fixes for many bugs.

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans can now access the first major content update for the early access game. The patch comes over a month after the initial launch, and introduces a number of new features alongside fixes for bugs and glitches that have been found and reported by players.

The update, “Scar’s Kingdom”, also comes with a new Star Path focused on Villains, giving players new goals, items, and furniture to collect while the Star Path is active.

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Below is everything that has been added in the “Scar’s Kingdom” update for Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Scar’s Kingdom launches “Villian” Star Path

According to the trailer video uploaded to the Disney Dreamlight Valley YouTube page, and the patch notes on the official website, the new Villain Star Path will have players working closely with the unfriendly faces lurking through the game’s maps.

The trailer shows the player working alongside Scar, Ursala, and Mother Gothel to complete Star Path goals. In addition, all items that can be purchased through the event page are “Villain” themed, similar to the Pixar event that was available when the game launched.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley celebrates Halloween

In addition to the Villain Star Path, the new update also introduces the first seasonal content to the game. Players will be able to celebrate Halloween in style, buying decorations from Scrooge and crafting seasonal items at work benches.

It also seems that there will be a bigger event coming closer to Halloween, thought the patch not page doesn’t currently have any details.

Hopefully, these events will be similar to the seasonal events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but with better variety and the ability to enjoy them over several days instead of just one.

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Scar’s Kingdom adds mine to Disney Dreamlight Valley

Players will also be able to delve deep into a new mine while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. The mine, which is found in the Sunlit Plateau area, includes new gemstones and is part of the new “Pillar of Nurturing” Storyline.

The mine is included within Scar’s narrative, and players will have to navigate his lies and scheming plots to uncover the story and gain access to the resources that can be found within the mines.

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Bugs and glitches get patched and fixed

Unfortunately, the early access gameplay for Disney Dreamlight Valley has been riddled with bugs. From items spawning out of reach to issues with the weather, there have been a number of hurdles bogging down exploration for fans.

Thankfully, the new content update also comes with a wide range of fixes that can be found in the patch notes.

Players will notice that gameplay on the Nintendo Switch is more stable, cloud saving is less buggy, and weather patterns behave less intrusively.

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The next update for the game, which will feature Toy Story, is planned for late in the Fall of 2023. Hopefully, the planned activities for Halloween will help keep players busy, and new future adventures will continue to keep gameplay interesting and engaging.