Disney Dreamlight Valley Gems guide: Locations & sale prices

A character mining Gems in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

Disney Dreamlilght Valley’s Gems are a fantastic way to earn a few Star Coins, complete quests, or craft handy items. Here’s where you can find each Gem and how much you can sell them for.

Whether you need them to complete a quest or you just want to sell them for some extra Star Coins, there’s no denying that Gems are an important resource when foraging around Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Unlike most other resources in the game such as vegetables, flowers, and fish, Gems are quite difficult to come across, especially if you’re looking for a specific type. Here’s where you can find them all and how to get them.

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Gems in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

How to get Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The main way to find Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to look for tall black rocks emerging from the cliffs around your town. If you hit these with your pickaxe until they break, there’s a slight chance that you’ll get a Gem as a reward.

Some of these tall black rocks have Gems sticking out of them from the start, which means they’re guaranteed to provide a Gem when broken. Others won’t reveal that they have Gems inside until you’ve hit them a couple of times with your royal pickaxe.

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The easiest way to increase your Gem haul is to give a character the mining trait when you level up your friendship with them. If you then invite them to ‘hang out’ with you, they’ll occasionally boost the number of Gems you earn when breaking rocks!

All Gem locations and prices in Disney Dreamlight Valley

GemLocationSell Price
AmethystForgotten Lands & Frosted Heights500 Star Coins
Shiny AmethystForgotten Lands & Frosted Heights2000 Star Coins
AquamarineDazzle Beach & Forest of Valor250 Star Coins
Shiny AquamarineDazzle Beach & Forest of Valor1000 Star Coins
CitrineSunlit Plateau & Glade of Trust380 Star Coins
Shiny CitrineSunlit Plateau & Glade of Trust1500 Star Coins
DiamondForgotten Lands600 Star Coins
Shiny DiamondForgotten Lands2400 Star Coins
EmeraldForest of Valor & Glade of Trust325 Star Coins
Shiny EmeraldForest of Valor & Glade of Trust1300 Star Coins
GarnetPeaceful Meadow & Plaza160 Star Coins
Shiny GarnetPeaceful Meadow & Plaza640 Star Coins
OnyxAll biomes300 Star Coins
PeridotDazzle Beach & Peaceful Meadow200 Star Coins
Shiny PeridotDazzle Beach & Peaceful Meadow800 Star Coins
RubyVitalys mine1,000 Star Coins
Shiny RubyVitalys mine4,000 Star Coins
SapphireVitalys mine1,000 Star Coins
Shiny SapphireVitalys mine4,000 Star Coins
TopazPlaza240 Star Coins
Shiny TopazPlaza960 Star Coins
TourmalineFrosted Heights & Sunlit Plateau420 Star Coins
Shiny TourmalineFrosted Heights & Sunlit Plateau1600 Star Coins
Vitalys CrystalVitalys mine12 Star Coins

As you can see from the table above, each type of Gem has an even rarer ‘shiny’ variation which glows stronger and can be sold for an average of four times the amount of Star Coins. You’ll find them in the same locations as their regular variations.

Some quests will require you to find a specific type of Gem, so it’s a good idea to keep at least one of each type safely in your storage. That way, when you come across these quests, you won’t have to spend ages mining to find a Gem.

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