Disney Dreamlight Valley: All fish locations and sale prices

Fishing in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

With so much to do in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it can be a nice break to sit back and go fishing with Goofy. Here’s a list of all the available fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, where to find them and what benefits they provide.

Some of the best things about Disney Dreamlight Valley are the variety of activities you can partake in. If you love collecting, cooking, or fishing there is something in the game for you. If you love to fish and want to collect them all to either sell, eat or cook, then you need to know where they can be found and what the best ones are.

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Thankfully, each fish has a location, sale price, energy value, and some have their own specific recipes. We’ve compiled a Disney Dreamlight Valley fish list along with their location and sale price so you know exactly what to get and where to get it.

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Catching a Rainbow Trout in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft
There are 25 fish to catch in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find all festive fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

From the offset, it’s worth mentioning that these festive fish will only be available from December 18 and cannot be sold. Due to their arrival time and the notion that they can’t be sold, we don’t currently know what they are needed for, aside from the holiday tasks, although some players have also reported seeing the fish as some characters’ favorite food.

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Festive FishLocation
Festive AnglerfishForgotten Lands
Festive BassPeaceful Meadow
Festive FuguDazzle Beach
Festive SalmonSunlit Plateau
Festive SquidGlade of Trust

Where to find all fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are 25 different fish currently available in Disney Dreamlight Valley and they can all be found in certain locations. Here is a Disney Dreamlight Valley fish list detailing all the fish you can catch and where they can be found, as well as what you can sell them for.

FishLocationEnergy GrantedSell Price
AnglerfishForgotten Lands2,000 Energy1,500 Coins
BassPeaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights, Forgotten Lands150 Energy25 Coins
BreamPeaceful Meadow1,300 Energy600 Coins
CarpForest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau800 Energy400 Coins
CatfishPeaceful Meadow1,200 Energy550 Coins
CodDazzle Beach, Forgotten Lands, Glade of Trust150 Energy35 Coins
CrabFrosted Heights1,200 Energy600 Coins
FuguDazzle Beach1,700 Energy900 Coins
HerringDazzle Beach, Glade of Trust250 Energy65 Coins
KingfishDazzle Beach800 Energy450 Coins
LancetfishForgotten Lands1,300 Energy650 Coins
LobsterGlade of Trust1,600 Energy950 Coins
PerchForest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau400 Energy80 Coins
PikeForest of Valor1,500 Energy800 Coins
Rainbow TroutPeaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor300 Energy50 Coins
SalmonFrosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau500 Energy150 Coins
SeaweedDazzle Beach, Forgotten Lands, Forest of Valor, Peaceful Meadow, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights, Glade of Trust25 Energy20 Coins
ShrimpDazzle Beach25 Energy300 Coins
SoleForgotten Lands500 Energy200 Coins
SquidGlade of Trust, Forgotten Lands1,000 Energy500 Coins
SwordfishDazzle Beach1,500 Energy700 Coins
TilapiaSunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights1,150 Energy600 Coins
TunaForgotten Lands, Glade of Trust350 Energy95 Coins
WalleyeSunlit Plateau1,700 Energy1,100 Coins
White SturgeonFrosted Heights1,800 Energy1,200 Coins

It’s worth being wise with the fish you catch. Some are specifically used in certain recipes, like Lobster Roll and Lancetfish. Keep an eye on the recipes and what other characters want from their gifts as some of them will ask for cooked fish meals.

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