Disney Dreamlight Valley February 15 Patch Notes: Premium Content Shop, new characters & fixes

Disney Dreamlight Valley February 15 patch notesGameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley players are about to embark on the next major update, “A Festival of Friendship”, and the February 15 patch notes give some hints about what will be included.

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans are preparing for the next big update for the early access game, “A Festival of Friendship”. The new update includes exciting new features, debuting characters like Mirabel and Olaf while adding new story content to main quests.

Each new update for Disney Dreamlight Valley has been packed with content, from new characters to fresh locations. A Festival of Friendship, releasing on February 16, 2023, will continue this trend with heavily anticipated customization features for player houses, and a Premium Content Shop.

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Below is everything to know about A Festival of Friendship in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and everything the Patch will add or address when it releases.

Disney Dreamlight Valley new content for February 16 update

Disney Dreamlight Valley charactersDisney / Gameloft
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Below is all of the new content and features announced on the official Disney Dreamlight Valley website that will release on February 16, 2023:

  • Main quest “The Forgetting” continues with new content in the Frosted Heights.
  • New characters Olaf and Mirabel will enter the valley.
  • Introduction of the Mini-Casita alongside Mirabel.
  • The Star Path celebrating the Disney 100th Anniversary will begin.
  • Exterior house decorations including paint colors and premium house skins will be introduced.
  • The introduction of the Premium Content Shop, which requires Moonstones to make purchases.
  • An increased number of moonstones found in Daily Moonstone Chests from 10 to 50.
  • Update to Scrooge McDuck’s General Store inventory.
  • Crafted chests will now have three size options, offering larger storage capacity.
  • Auto Sort and smart transfer will be added to the storage system.
  • Players can change the appearance of doors from inside their homes.
  • A wall-by-wall wallpaper option will be added for home decoration.
  • New Role Training Manuals for villager role changing will be added.
  • New discussion topics for all villagers.

Bug fixes and improvements for the February 16 update

Below is a list of bug fixes and improvements for Disney Dreamlight Valley that will go live with the February 16 update. Below are all the major changes:

  • New tweaks to Kristoff’s market stall to improve balance in items.
  • Miracle Growth Elixir, Miracle Pickaxe Polish, Miracle Shovel Varnish, and Miracle Fishing Bait will have efficiency increases and less expensive crafting costs.
  • Optimizations across platforms for gameplay stability.
  • “New Game” has been changed to “Reset Game” and is now found in the settings menu.
  • Fixed cooking menu bug.
  • “Remember Old Times” quest photo bug will be fixed.
  • “Stitch’s Hobby” quest TV bug will be fixed.
  • Trash-clearing quest bugs for Goofy and Merlin will be fixed.
  • “A Deal With Ursula” quest crystal pedestal glitch will be fixed.
  • “How Far You’ll Go” quest game crash bug will be fixed.
  • “Magic Moments” quest sushi requirement reduced.
  • “What Feels Like Home” quest Glittering Herring bug will be fixed with additional monitoring.
  • “The Definition of a Hero” quest asphalt and balloon arch bug will be fixed.
  • “With Great Power” quest Crystal Key glitch will be fixed.
  • “The Ceremony” quest final photo bug will be fixed.
  • “A Space Ranger Reputation” quest Buzz and Ursula conversation glitch will be fixed.
  • Level-Up freezing bug will be fixed.
  • Villager houses will no longer vanish and be unrecoverable.
  • Crafting Menu navigation issues will be fixed.
  • Duplicate mail in mailboxes should no longer happen.
  • Candles will be added to Scrooge McDuck’s General Store.

That is everything included in the February 15 patch notes for Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players will be able to explore the new update on February 16, 2023.

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