Disney Dreamlight Valley February 28 hotfix patch notes: Quest and bug fixes

Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley is soon to release a new hotfix for their third major update, introducing fixes for quests, rewards, and frustrating bugs. Here’s everything coming in the new Disney Dreamlight Valley hotfix patch.

While the third major update may have introduced two new characters, a variety of quests, new recipes, and more, it also added a few frustrating bugs. Luckily, just two weeks after the initial update, the Disney Dreamlight Valley developers took to Twitter to announce the impending release of a hotfix, eliminating all those bugs and making the game run smoother for all.

They also gave some hints regarding what will be in this hotfix. So, we’ve put together everything released in the February 28 Disney Dreamlight Valley hotfix patch so you know what’s fixed for your game.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley charactersDisney / Gameloft
Disney Dreamlight Valley is constantly aiming to fix frustrating bugs.

What’s in the Disney Dreamlight Valley hotfix patch?

The hotfix is prioritizing multiple bugs present through the third major update. However, it will mainly be fixing problems that have recently occurred through the recent changes.

These alterations include fixing the common problem where quests block your ability to feed critters, progression blockers such as during Stitch’s Hobby quest, broken reward drops, and so much more. It will also be allowing players the chance to place their main chest outside, furthering useful design and convenience.

Disney Dreamlight Valley February 28 patch notes

The hotfix patch was a relatively small release, focusing more on fixing the bugs implemented by the third major update. You can check them out here.

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Bug Fixes:

  • Players can now place the main chest outdoors. 
  • Players are no longer blocked from giving gifts to critters while completing Mirabel’s questline. 
  • “Stitch’s Hobby” quest: The quest should now progress as normal when Stitch reaches the bottom of the Mystical Cave. 
  • “What Home Feels Like” quest: Players currently stuck on this quest will be granted Dandelion Syrup in order to allow them to progress. 
  • Gifting the Fishing Training Manual to Ariel no longer locks her role. 
  • Players should no longer be blocked from entering Chez Remy after moving it. 
  • Updated game splash screen. 
  • Improved stability of Touch of Magic tool. 
  • Fixed a bug which caused certain motifs to not show up in the Touch of Magic tool. 
  • Switching between door skins without applying the change no longer prevents door placement. 
  • Improved menu on various platforms. 
  • Improved fishing tutorial stability. 

So, those are all the patch notes for the Disney Dreamlight Valley hotfix. While waiting for your game to update take a look at some of our other handy Disney Dreamlight Valley guides and content:

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