Clash Royale Valkyrie guide: How to unlock, best strategies & decks

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Valkyrie is one of the strongest utility troops in Clash Royale, and if you’re looking for a guide featuring the best decks and strategies that suit her, we have got you covered.

Being one of the few characters to make it into Clash Royale from Clash of Clans, Valkyrie has always been a popular choice for many players. Given that you can unlock the troop fairly early means that she is vital in helping you make your way through the different arenas with a little more ease.

This Clash Royale guide for Valkyrie features some of the most effective decks and strategies that will provide you with a much better in-game experience. Additionally, the guide also features several methods by which you can unlock the troop, alongside information on how to upgrade her card and Star Levels in the game.


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Valkyrie has been a part of Clash Royale since the game’s soft launch in 2016.

How to unlock Valkyrie in Clash Royale

Being a rare-rated troop, you can find Valkyrie cards from Silver and higher-rated chests in Clash Royale. Additionally, you can also find Valkyrie cards for purchase from the store in exchange for coins or gems.

Apart from that, you should remember that all troops in Clash Royale can only unlock after you reach their respective Arena, which can be unlocked by participating in multiplayer matches and collecting trophies.

You can unlock Valkyrie after reaching the Bone Pit Arena in Clash Royale. As the second competitive Arena in Clash Royale, you’ll need only 600 trophies to unlock the Bone Pit, and once you have crossed it, you will then have a chance of finding Valkyrie cards from all valid chests that you open.

How to upgrade Valkyrie in Clash Royale

Once you have unlocked Valkyrie, your next steps will be to upgrade the card and enhance its performance. The only method for doing so is by collecting multiple Valkyrie cards and then upgrading them from your inventory in exchange for coins.

Additionally, upgrading the Star Levels of your troops is also very important in Clash Royale, and our detailed Star Levels guide has everything you’ll need to know about how to go about it.

Best decks for Valkyrie in Clash Royale

Below, we have listed some of the most effective decks for using the Valkyrie troop in Clash Royale, so make sure to give these a try if you’re unsure about your current deck:

  • Miner, Goblin Barrel, Witch, Valkyrie, Baby Dragon, Mini PEKKA, Skeleton Army, Barbarian Barrel – Given that Valkyrie can sustain quite a bit of damage, this deck allows you to send the ax-wielding warrior to attract the enemy’s attention while your Miner and Barrels chip away at the opponent’s buildings. The additional firepower from the Witch and Baby Dragon will also protect Valkyrie against flying troops.
  • Goblin Barrel, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Baby Dragon, Mini PEKKA, Skeleton Army, Princess, Barbarian Barrel – While this deck is similar to the previous, it can allow you a little more versatility. The inclusion of a Musketeer and the Princess behind the Valkyrie can take out almost anything that the enemy has to throw at you. The additional presence of the Barrels ensures that you can continue chipping away at the enemy buildings while protecting your own with the Mini PEKKA and the Skeleton Army.
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The Valkyrie is a great troop to use during battles to turn the tide in your favor.

Valkyrie is a fairly tanky troop who can wipe out entire hordes of ground troops with a few swings of her ax. However, Valkyries can be countered rather easily by flying units as they cannot deal damage to airborne troops.

For this reason, it is highly advised that you have other troops present in your deck who can take out airborne units and protect the Valkyrie. As long as you’re doing that, you can try out various strategies and decks to create your own unique builds.

Valkyrie troop strategies in Clash Royale

The most effective use of the Valkyrie in Clash Royale is to wipe out enemy hordes of ground troops while being able to sustain everything that the enemy throws at her. For this reason, it is usually better to spawn this troop higher up on the battlefield so that she can attract most of the enemy’s attention.

While 4 elixirs is quite an expensive price to pay to deploy the card, Valkyrie’s efficiency on the battlefield more than makes up for this when utilized properly, and she can even take down opponents that cost 5 or 6 elixirs with ease. Having said that, here are a few tips that will help you understand what makes the troop so effective in Clash Royale:

  • Valkyrie is a melee troop that deals area damage to all enemy units present at a close range.
  • The troop specializes against all horde-based ground units such as Guards, Skeletons, Goblins, Barbarians, and even Archers.
  • Valkyrie cannot attack flying troops, making it very easy for enemies to counter her with Minions and Dragons.
  • Valkyrie’s above-average health pool and massive area damage at the melee range are her main strengths that you should be looking to make the most of.

So, there you have it – that’s everything for our guide on the Valkyrie troop in Clash Royale.

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