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Roblox Slayers Unleashed codes November 2021 – Free rerolls

Published: 10/Nov/2021 14:21 Updated: 10/Nov/2021 15:48

by Ava Thompson-Powell


Slayers Unleashed codes in Roblox can be used to grant free rerolls, helping to kick your effectiveness up a notch as you take on a slew of demons. In November 2021, there are lots of codes available to reroll power, change stats, and even breathing styles.

Redeeming these codes in Slayers Unleashed can give players a whole host of different rerolls in the Roblox game, allowing you to change things up about your character if you want to try a slightly different style of play.

Inspired by the anime fighter, Demon Slayer – also known as Kimetsu no Yaiba – the game sends players off into a dangerous world to customize their character to fight against enemies in PvP & PvE. For November, we’ve gathered every available code so far that you’ll need to make your experience much more rewarding.



Slayers Unleashed's Halloween event in Roblox
Roblox Corporation / Slayers Unleashed
Redeeming codes in Slayers Unleashed can give you lots of cool benefits.

Slayers Unleashed codes in Roblox (November 2021)

Here are all of the Slayers Unleashed codes players can claim in November 2021. These have all been tested in-game, and are confirmed to be working as of November 10, 2021.

Code Reward
;code 15mindropzz! Drop boost
;code 190kbreath1 Breathing reroll
;code 190kbreath2 Breathing reroll
;code 190kdem0n1 Demon Art reroll
;code 190kdem0n2 Demon Art reroll
;code Clandy1 Clan reroll
;code Clandy2 Clan reroll
;code clann1 Clan reroll
;code clann10! Clan reroll
;code clann2! Clan reroll
;code clann3! Clan reroll
;code clann4! Clan reroll
;code clann5! Clan reroll
;code clann6! Clan reroll
;code clann7! Clan reroll
;code clann8! Clan reroll
;code clann9! Clan reroll
;code claNNN1 Clan reroll
;code claNNN2 Clan reroll
;code dreamon1! Demon Art reroll
;code dreamon2! Demon Art reroll
;code dreamon3! Demon Art reroll
;code dreamon4! Demon Art reroll
;code dreamon5! Demon Art reroll
;code dreamon6! Demon Art reroll
;code dreamon7! Demon Art reroll
;code dreamon8! Demon Art reroll
;code dreamon9! Demon Art reroll
;code dreamon10! Demon Art reroll
;code g4mbitBreath1! Breathing reroll
;code g4mbitBreath2! Breathing reroll
;code g4mbitClan1! Clan reroll
;code g4mbitClan2! Clan reroll
;code g4mbitDemon1! Demon Art reroll
;code g4mbitDemon2! Demon Art reroll
;code g4mbitRace1! Race reroll
;code g4mbitRace2! Race reroll
;code gogrindb0ss Drop boost
;code hall0wrace1 Race reroll
;code hall0wrace2 Race reroll
;code hall0wrace3 Race reroll
;code hall0wrace4 Race reroll
;code hall0wrace5 Race reroll
;code hiMark1! Slayer Mark reroll
;code hiMark2! Slayer Mark reroll
;code hiMark3! Slayer Mark reroll
;code hiMark4! Slayer Mark reroll
;code hiMark5! Slayer Mark reroll
;code n3wmark1 Slayer Mark reroll
;code n3wmark2 Slayer Mark reroll
;code noPointz1! Stat point reset
;code noPointz2! Stat point reset
;code noPointz3! Stat point reset
;code noPointz4! Stat point reset
;code noPointz5! Stat point reset
;code pumpkn1 Breathing reroll
;code pumpkn2 Breathing reroll
;code r4ceChange1 Race reroll
;code r4ceChange2 Race reroll
;code race190k1 Race reroll
;code race190k2 Race reroll
;code robloxD0wn1 Demon Art reroll
;code robloxD0wn2 Demon Art reroll
;code robloxD0wn3 Demon Art reroll
;code robloxD0wn4 Demon Art reroll
;code robloxD0wn5 Demon Art reroll
;code rrace1! Race reroll
;code rrace2! Race reroll
;code rrace3! Race reroll
;code rrace4! Race reroll
;code rrace5! Race reroll
;code rrace6! Race reroll
;code rrace7! Race reroll
;code rrace8!
Race reroll
;code rrace9!
Race reroll
;code rrace10! Race reroll
;code s0rryBreathe1 Breathing reroll
;code s0rryBreathe2 Breathing reroll
;code s0rryBreathe3 Breathing reroll
;code s0rryBreathe4 Breathing reroll
;code s0rryBreathe5 Breathing reroll
;code s0rryDem0n1 Demon Art reroll
;code s0rryDem0n2 Demon Art reroll
;code s0rryDem0n3 Demon Art reroll
;code s0rryDem0n4 Demon Art reroll
;code sozcl4n1 Clan reroll
;code sozcl4n2 Clan reroll
;code sozcl4n3 Clan reroll
;code sozcl4n4 Clan reroll
;code sozcl4n5 Clan reroll
;code sozr4ce1 Race reroll
;code sozr4ce2 Race reroll
;code sozr4ce3 Race reroll
;code sozr4ce4 Race reroll
;code sozr4ce5 Race reroll
;code sp00kypower1! Breathing reroll
;code sp00kypower2! Breathing reroll
;code sp00kypower3! Breathing reroll
;code sp00kypower4! Breathing reroll
;code sp00kypower5! Breathing reroll
;code sp00kypower6! Breathing reroll
;code sp00kypower7! Breathing reroll
;code sp00kypower8! Breathing reroll
;code sp00kypower9! Breathing reroll
;code sp00kypower10! Breathing reroll
;code sp00kyStory1 Demon Art reroll
;code sp00kyStory2 Demon Art reroll
;code trick0rclan1 Clan reroll
;code trick0rclan2 Clan reroll
;code trick0rclan3 Clan reroll
;code trick0rclan4 Clan reroll
;code trick0rclan5 Clan reroll
;code weareb4ck1 Breathing reroll
;code weareb4ck2 Breathing reroll
;code weareb4ck3 Breathing reroll
;code weareb4ck4 Breathing reroll
;code weareb4ck5 Breathing reroll

How to redeem Slayers Unleashed codes in Roblox

Redeeming codes in Slayers Unleashed is incredibly easy to do, and it only takes a couple of steps. Before you get started, though, make sure that you join the official Slayers Unleashed group, otherwise, you won’t be able to redeem the above codes.

  • Proceed to the official Slayers Unleashed page and click the large green button to launch the game.
  • Once in-game, on the left side of your screen, you’ll see a chat window.
  • Click on the window, and copy and paste your preferred codes from above.
  • Press enter and a notification will pop up on the screen if the code has been successfully redeemed.
  • That’s it! You’ll now have your chosen reroll ready to use.

Full list of Slayers Unleashed expired codes

As codes from the list above expire, we will move them into the below table, along with the rewards they previously redeemed:

Code Items

What are Slayers Unleashed codes used for in Roblox?

As shown in the tables above, Slayers Unleashed codes are useful for players as they grant rerolls to help change many different things about your character, from breathing styles to switching your race, clan, or even rerolling stats and Demon Arts.


New codes are added quite often, and they can go a very long way in making your experience that much smoother.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about Slayers Unleashed codes in Roblox for November 2021.

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