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Slayers Unleashed codes (May 2022) – Free rerolls for update v0.83

Published: 23/May/2022 12:50 Updated: 23/May/2022 12:51

by Ava Thompson-Powell


Slayers Unleashed codes in Roblox can be used to grant free rerolls in update v0.83, helping to kick your effectiveness up a notch as you take on a slew of demons. For May 2022, there are lots of codes available to reroll your Demon Art, Slayer Mark, and even Breathing styles.

Redeeming these codes in Slayers Unleashed can give players a whole host of different rerolls in the Roblox game, allowing you to change things up about your character if you want to try a slightly different style of play.

Inspired by the anime fighter, Demon Slayer – also known as Kimetsu no Yaiba – the game sends players off into a dangerous world to customize their character to fight against enemies in PvP & PvE. We’ve gathered every available Slayers Unleashed code in May 2022 so far that you’ll need to make your experience much more rewarding.


Updated May 23, 2022, to add new codes for update v0.83. 


Artwork from the winter update in Slayers Unleashed for the Tanjiro Raid
Roblox Corporation / Slayers Unleashed
Redeeming codes in Slayers Unleashed can give you lots of cool benefits.

Slayers Unleashed codes in Roblox (May 2022)

Here are all of the newest Slayers Unleashed codes players can claim as of May 23, 2022.

Where noted via a set of numbers beside the code in brackets, you can also swap the last number of a listed code to unlock variations of it. For example, ;code rrace1! also works as ;code rrace2! / ;code rrace3! and more all the way up to 8 in some cases.

v 0.83 Codes Reward
;code muzan_art1 (1 – 8) (NEW)
Demon Art reroll
;code BLOODSURGE1 (1 – 8) (NEW)
Breathing reroll
;code switch2demon1 (1 – 8) (NEW) Race reroll
;code Kibutsuji1 (1 – 8) (NEW) Clan reroll
;code demonlord1 (1 – 8) (NEW) Slayer Mark reroll
;code d3mon_leader (NEW) Stat reset
;code flameMark1 (1-8)  Slayer Mark reroll
;code flame_OP1 (1-8)  Breathing reroll
;code flame_pointzz Stat reset
;code KamadoFamily1 (1-8)  Clan reroll
;code maybda1 (1-8) Demon Art reroll
;code monday_art 1 (1-8)
Demon Art reroll
;code mrmorale1 (1-8) Breathing reroll
;code myRace1 (1-8) Race reroll
;code new_Fire1 (1-8) Clan reroll
;code rarerace1 (1-8)  Race reroll
;code stat_restart Stat reset
;code sun_mark1 (1-8) Slayer Mark reroll
v 0.82 Codes Reward
;code AZAKA_BOSS1 (1-5) Demon Art
;code fridaybdaaa1  (1-8) Demon Art reroll
;code floppa1 (1-8) Breathing reroll
;code giyuhashira1 (1-5) Breathing reroll
;code goated_Clan1 (1-5) Clan reroll
;code infinitymaze1 (1-5) Clan reroll
;code new_upd4te Stat reset
;code supremacy1 (1-8) Race reroll
;code t0tem1 (1-5) Race reroll
;code teentitans1 (1-8) Slayer Mark reroll
;code water_b0ss1 (1-5) Slayer Mark reroll

More codes for Slayers Unleashed

The codes listed below are unconfirmed as to whether they’re still active as of May 11, 2022, so it’s likely that some of these may no longer work:


Codes Reward
;code broski1 (1-5) Breathing reroll
;code easter_bunny1 (1-5) Clan reroll
;code charm1 (1-5) Demon Art reroll
;code crasher1 (1-5) Clan reroll
;code eggshell1 (1-5) Demon Art reroll
;code EGGSPLOSION1 (1-5) Breathing reroll
;code eggman1 (1-5) Slayer Mark reroll
;code ELOELO1 (1-5) Slayer Mark reroll
;code happy_3ast3r  Stat reset
;code happy_saturdayy Stat reset
;code league1 (1-5) Slayer Mark reroll
;code MAX_PRESTIGE1 (1-5) Breathing reroll
;code maymay1 (1-5) Race reroll
;code MAY_MONTH Stat reset
;code new_BRTHIN1 (1-5) Breathing reroll
;code o_o1 (1-5)  Race reroll
;code storymode 1 (1-5) Demon Art reroll
;code trainfight1 (1-5) Clan reroll
Codes Reward
;code bunnyclan1 Clan reroll
;code easter_bunny1 (1-5) Clan reroll
;code EGGSPLOSIVE1 (1-5)
Breathing reroll
;code darkness1 (1-5) Demon Art reroll
;code fixinG1 (1-5) Breathing reroll
;code friday_r3s3t Stat reset
;code GLASSYSKY1 (1-5) Slayer Mark reroll
;code GRINDY1 (1-5) Slayer Mark reroll
;code Kaigaku1 (1-5) Demon Art reroll
;code i_playSU1 (1-5)  Race reroll
;code NEW_BOSS1 (1-5)  Clan reroll
;code pow3rUP1 (1-5) Race reroll
;code RESET_HAPPY Stat reset
;code statz_redo Stat reset
;code stone_cl4n1 (1-5)
Clan reroll
;code stuffstuff1 (1-5) Slayer Mark reroll
;code SU_Easter1 (1-5) Race reroll
;code thunderBOOM1 (1-5) Breathing reroll

How to redeem Slayers Unleashed codes in Roblox

Redeeming codes in Slayers Unleashed is incredibly easy to do, and it only takes a couple of steps. Before you get started, though, make sure that you join the official Slayers Unleashed group, otherwise, you won’t be able to redeem the above codes.

  • Proceed to the official Slayers Unleashed page and click the large green button to launch the game.
  • Once in-game, on the left side of your screen, you’ll see a chat window.
  • Click on the window, and copy and paste your preferred codes from above.
  • Press enter and a notification will pop up on the screen if the code has been successfully redeemed.
  • That’s it! You’ll now have your chosen reroll ready to use.

Full list of Slayers Unleashed expired codes in 2022

As codes from the list above expire, we will move them into the below table, along with the rewards they previously redeemed:

Code Reward
;code hairoBDA1 (1-5) Demon Art reroll
;code shadowking1 (1-5) Breathing reroll
;code DEMONICC1 (1-5) Race reroll
;code shadowGUN1 (1-5) Clan reroll
;code frontp4ge1 (1-5) Slayer Mark reroll
;code shadow_DROP Drop boost
;code hairo_RESET Stat reset
;code helloworld1 (1-2) Demon Art reroll
;code newLevel1 (1-2) Breathing reroll
;code DUALWIXLD1 (1-2) Race reroll
;code subtoME1 (1-2) Clan reroll
;code WANEE1 (1-2) Slayer Mark reroll
Stat reset
;code EXP_SUNDAY XP Boost
Drop Boost
;code TONKA1 (1-10)
Slayer Mark reroll
;code eldenblox1 (1-10)
Clan reroll
;code MAIDENLESS1 (1-10)
Race reroll
;code myfavgame1 (1-10)
Breathing reroll
;code SUNDAYYY1 (1-10) Demon Art reroll
;code ben1 (1-10)  Demon Art reroll
;code wegotdough1 (1-10)  Breathing reroll
;code SORRY_YALL1 (1-10)  Race reroll
;code bangbang1 (1-10)  Clan reroll
;code heresMARK1 (1-10)  Slayer Mark reroll
;code march_XP EXP Boost
;code march_DROP Drop Boost
;code 2M_MEMBERS1 (1-2) Race reroll
;code 60mVISITS1 (1-2)
Clan reroll
;code breathee_1 (1-10) Breathing reroll
;code clan_diff10 (1-10)
Clan reroll
;code demon_r0ll1 (1-10) Race reroll
;code domaaa_DROP
Drop Boost
;code domaisBACK1 (1-10) Demon Art reroll
;code followSt0ry1 (1-2)
Breathing reroll
;code hime_jimaa1 (1-2) Clan reroll
;code markedd1 (1-2)  Slayer Mark reroll
;code newM4rk_1 (1-2)
Slayer Mark reroll
;code playSUpls1 (1-2)
Clan reroll
;code playSUplz1 (1-2) Breathing reroll
;code racIsCool1 (1-10) Clan reroll
;code springStart1 (1-10) Race reroll
;code subtoSU1 (1-2)
Slayer Mark reroll
;code tgif1 (1-2)  Breathing reroll
;code weloverac1 (1-2) Race reroll
Code Items
;code speed_BDA1 (1-12)
Demon Art reroll
;code SLAY_D3MONZ1 (1-12)
Slayer Mark reroll
;code reroll_BEST1 (1-12)
Clan reroll
;code loveUall1 (1-12)
Race reroll
;code love_sl4yer1 (1-12)
Slayer Mark reroll
;code speed_XP
XP Boost
;code speed_DROP
Drop Boost
;code follow_Zeno1 (1-12) 
Clan reroll
;code vDay1 (1-12)
Demon Art reroll
;code vDay_reset
Stat reset
;code vDay_DROP
Drop boost
;code vDay_XP
XP Boost
;code valentine1 (1-12)
Breathing reroll
;code february_reset
Stat reset
;code endless_BDA1 (1-10)
Demon Art reroll
;code ChadDemon1
Race reroll
;code INFINITY1 (1-12) 
Breathing reroll
;code 15mindropzz!
Drop boost
;code 190kbreath1 (1-2)
Breathing reroll
;code 190kdem0n1 (1-2)
Demon Art reroll
;code clann1 (1-10)
Clan reroll
;code claNNN1 (1-2)
Clan reroll
;code Clandy1 (1-2)
Clan reroll
;code g4mbitBreath1!
Breathing reroll
;code g4mbitClan1!
Clan reroll
;code g4mbitDemon1!
Demon Art reroll
;code g4mbitRace1!
Race reroll
;code gogrindb0ss
Drop boost
;code hall0wrace1
Race reroll
;code hiMark1!
Slayer Mark reroll
;code robloxD0wn1 (1-5)
Demon Art reroll
;code n3wmark1 (1-2)
Slayer Mark roll
;code pumpkn1 (1-2)
Breathing reroll
;code r4ceChange1 (1-2)
Race reroll
;code s0rryBreathe1 (1-5)
Breathing reroll
;code s0rryDem0n1 (1-4)
Demon Art reroll
;code sozcl4n1 (1-5)
Clan reroll
;code sozr4ce1 (1-5)
Race reroll
;code sp00kypower1! (1-10) Breathing reroll
;code sp00kyStory1 (1-2)
Demon Art reroll
;code trick0rclan1 (1-5)
Clan reroll
;code weareb4ck1 (1-5)
Breathing reroll

What are Slayers Unleashed codes used for in Roblox?

As shown in the tables above, Slayers Unleashed codes are useful for players as they grant rerolls to help change many different things about your character, from breathing styles to switching your race, clan, or even rerolling stats and Demon Arts.


New codes are added quite often, and they can go a very long way in making your experience that much smoother.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about Slayers Unleashed codes in Roblox for May 2022.

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