Clash Royale Electro Giant guide: How to unlock, best strategies & decks

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Electro Giant is a very strong offensive troop in Clash Royale, and if you’re looking for a guide featuring the best decks and strategies that suit this seven elixir-costing card, we have got you covered.

Being one of the newer troops to join the ranks in Clash Royale, the Electro Giant is a formidable character, capable of damaging and stunning multiple enemy troops simultaneously. However, using this troop in battle can very easily go against you because of the massive seven elixir cost of the Electro Giant.

Nevertheless, when combined with proper supporting troops, this character can still wreak havoc on your enemies. Having said that, we have you covered with everything that you need to know for making the most out of the Electro Giant in the game.

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screenshot of the electro giant from the official clash royale introduction videoSupercell
The Electro Giant can be an absolute nightmare unless dealt with properly in Clash Royale.

How to unlock the Electro Giant in Clash Royale

Given that the Electro Giant is an Epic-rated card in Clash Royale, you can only get this troop from Magical or higher-level chests. Additionally, you can also find epic characters available for purchase from the store in exchange for coins and gems.

Having said that, you should note that every character card in Clash Royale is only unlocked after reaching specific arenas by achieving a certain amount of trophies from multiplayer matches.

You can unlock the Electro Giant only after you have reached the Electro Arena in Clash Royale. In order to reach this Arena, you will need to collect a total of 3,400 trophies. However, you should note that you will continue receiving Electro Giant character cards even after crossing the Electro Arena.

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How to upgrade the Electro Giant in Clash Royale

After unlocking the Electro Giant character card, your main objective will be to upgrade the troop. Upgrading troops in Clash Royale allows you to further enhance their performance in battle. You can only upgrade your characters by collecting multiple cards of the same troop and then upgrading them with coins.

Apart from the traditional level upgrades, you will also want to upgrade the Star Level of your troop. We have a detailed guide prepared for you to understand how upgrading and Star Levels work in Clash Royale.

artwork for clash royale featuring several in-game characters.Supercell
Climb through the leaderboards in Clash Royale with the best Electro Giant decks.

Best decks for the Electro Giant in Clash Royale

Before jumping into the list of some of the best decks for the Electro Giant, you should note that to make the most of this troop, you will need the Golden Knight champion. You can unlock the Golden Knight by upgrading your King to level 14.

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Having said that, below is a list of some of the most effective decks that you should be using to make the most of the Electro Giant:

  • Electro Giant, Golden Knight, Bomber, Skeletons, Canon, Mirror, Tornado, Rocket – Given that the Electro Giant is capable of stunning enemies within a closed vicinity, it is important that you equip splash damage dealing cards such as the Bomber, Tornado, Rocket. An average elixir cost of 3.4 makes it fairly viable despite the Electro Giant’s seven elixir cost disrupting the balance.
  • Electro Giant, Golden Knight, Baby Dragon, Dark Prince, Bandit, Mirror, Tornado, Lightning – Arguably the strongest deck for the Electro Giant that covers both ground as well as aerial threats. Additionally, the constant splash damage from the Baby Dragon and the Dark Prince ensures that your Electro Giant doesn’t get swarmed by enemy units. Despite the 4 elixir average cost of this deck, it provides massive utility in both offense and defense that you simply cannot overlook.

The Electro Giant is an ideal front line character in Clash Royale capable of stunning and damaging enemies in an area. However, considering the massive seven elixir cost of the troop, it can be fairly difficult to back them up with the required firepower. For this reason, you should keep low-elixir yet high-utility cards in your deck that can support the Electro Giant optimally.

screenshot of the electro giant from the official clash royale introduction videoSupercell
The Electro Giant always targets buildings first while automatically dealing damage and stunning nearby enemies that attack him.

Electro Giant troop strategies

The most effective use of the Electro Giant is against high-damage troops that lack survivability. The stuns and damage dealt by this character make it fairly easy for the rest of your troops to take out the enemy characters.

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However, considering the elixir cost of this card, it is a wise move to spawn this troop behind your Princess towers. This will give you more time to replenish your elixir and spawn support characters for the Electro Giant. Having said that, here are a few tips that will help you understand what makes this troop so effective in Clash Royale:

  • Electro Giant is a melee-ranged troop who deals ranged damage and stuns enemy units who deal damage to him within a three-tile radius while dealing melee damage and prioritizing buildings.
  • Freeze-based spells and abilities are extremely effective against the Electro Giant as they stun him for prolonged periods while swarm-based units take him out.
  • The Electro Giant’s ranged attacks can affect aerial units as long as they are within a three-tile radius of the character, making the Inferno Dragon fairly ineffective against his huge HP-pool.
  • Despite the seven elixir cost, the Electro Giant can be extremely lethal during the elixir-boost phase of every match as you will have more resources to deploy support troops.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to about the legendary Princess troop in Clash Royale.

For more tips and tricks, make sure to go through our various guides.

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