5 Warner Bros characters MultiVersus needs to seriously rival Smash Ultimate

. 8 months ago
MultiVersus DLC fighters
Warner Bros

After weeks of leaks, MultiVersus has finally been officially been revealed as Warner Bros’ entry in the platform fighter genre pioneered by Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros series.

As Smash Ultimate’s content finally finished with the release of Sora from Kingdom Hearts as the last DLC character, MultiVersus has an opportunity to emerge as a true competitor and rival.

So far, not every leaked character for MultiVersus has been confirmed, but based on screenshots, Lord of the Ring’s Gandalf and Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty should be on the way.

However, there are some potential characters that Warner Bros should seriously consider adding to truly make the game rival Smash Ultimate’s roster. Here are five fighters we think would be perfect for MultiVersus.

Neo stops bullets
Warner Bros
Whoa. Neo would be sick in MultiVersus.


Getting Keanu Reeves in a fighting game would be simply breathtaking. Jokes aside, The Matrix franchise could be such a great addition to a fighting game, and who better than Neo?

Considering The Matrix Resurrections is coming out in 2021, there’s no better time to capitalize on the excitement by adding the series’ main character.

His martial arts combat, guns (lots of guns), and maybe even slow-mo powers could be great for gameplay. Not to mention the fact it’s Keanu Reeves. What more do you want?

Harry Potter could be a magical addition.

Harry Potter

The Boy Who Lived was actually rumored to be included in the game based on the original leaks, but he wasn’t featured in Hungrybox’s screenshots, so it seems like there are some doubts on if he’s confirmed just yet.

As such, we’re including Harry Potter on this list. Look, Gandalf was leaked too (and shown) and it would be absolutely sick to see magical worlds collide in an epic confrontation.

For a stage, it has to be Hogwarts. Yeah, licensing may be a pain, but if WB can make it happen, Harry Potter needs to apparate his way into MultiVersus.

Warner Bros
MultiVersus could use a killing joke.

The Joker

It’s wild to think that Harley Quinn has been confirmed for MultiVersus, but The Joker hasn’t. We already know WB is willing to spend the money to get Kevin Conroy to voice Batman, so how about getting Mark Hamil back as The Joker, too?

There’s already so much in the way of attacks he can pull off, as seen in Injustice and other games, so there’s no doubt that he would work as a fighter.

Arkham Asylum would be a great stage for him too and a nice call back to the original game in the Arkham series.

Could Mortal Kombat work in MultiVersus?


Getting into video game characters now, Sub-Zero or Scorpion (or both) could be solid additions to give MultiVersus a bit more oomph to his roster power.

Just as Smash incorporated movesets for Ryu, Terry Bogard and Kazuya, MultiVersus should do the same with Sub-Zero or Scorpion.

Unfortunately, fatalities may be off the table with this one… at least in the traditional sense. But hey, we can dream.

Shelob in LOTR
Warner Bros
There are so many LOTR candidates to choose from.


Of all the LOTR characters, you’re probably thinking – why Shelob? The answer: a transformation. As we saw in the Middle Earth: Shadow of War game, Warner Bros had Shelob take on a human form.

Having her switch between the two could make for a fun gameplay mechanic, similar to Pyra and Mythra in Smash Ultimate.

There’s no indication as to how many characters Warner Bros plans to add to MultiVersus, but if it’s going to compete with Smash Ultimate’s roster, it has a long way to go. Let’s hope that the team can deliver and really leave us as shocked as we were by some of Smash’s reveals.

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