How to get Gleamium in MultiVersus

Andrew Highton
batman looking at gleamium in multiversus

Gleamium is required for many of MultiVersus’ amazing cosmetic items, but how exactly do you obtain it? We’ve got you covered with our quick and easy guide.

MultiVersus is Warner Bros. completely addicting platform fighter comprised of characters from a whole host of Warner Bros-licensed universes from Rick and Morty to Gremlins.

Its quick and easy gameplay has kept players engaged and entertained for a while now already and to flesh out the game, even more, MultiVersus allows players to purchase Announcer Voices, new costumes, and a lot more, to add customizable options to their collection.

But many of these require you to part with ‘Gleamium’ in order to unlock them, so let’s find out how you actually get Gleamium in MultiVersus.

Obtaining Gleamium in MultiVersus

As of right now, the only way players can load up on Gleamium is by purchasing it using real money.

The game provides multiple different bundles for you to buy either through larger quantities of Gleamium being offered in more cost-effective mega bundles, or by purchasing Founder’s Packs that offer differing amounts of content – including Gleamium.

Unlike other live-service games like Warzone and Fortnite, the game’s Battle Pass doesn’t have Gleamium attached to any of the tiers.

This may be something that Warner Bros. and Player First Games looks at in the future to make the concept even more appealing to players.

What is Gleamium in MultiVersus?

Gleamium is one of the game’s currencies, along with Gold, that players can stockpile and use to spend on certain in-game items that require you to exchange a certain amount of it.

It can’t be used during a fight and is only intended to be a currency used in the game’s store or on character-specific unlocks.

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