Warner Bros Smash Ultimate-style game leaked with Batman, Gandalf, more

Michael Gwilliam
Gandalf vs Batman

With Sora now release as the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate character, it seems like more companies are jumping on the platform fighter train, including Warner Bros who, according to a leak, have a huge new crossover on the way.

After Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl release, many fans were wondering what would be the next game to copy the style of Smash Ultimate. And Warner Bros may be the ones to do just that with the likes of Batman, Gandalf, and other beloved characters.

According to a leak on Reddit, which has been backed up in part by journalist Jeff Grub, Warner Bros is working on a “tag team” game styled after Smash Ultimate.

The leak claims the game, titled “Multiversus,” was in the works long before Nickelodeon All-Stars was announced and will feature an insane cast of Warner Bros characters.

Shaggy fighting game
Shaggy in a fighting game? Count us in.

Multiversus fighter leak

The leak states that numerous fighters from all sorts of different genres will be duking it out. If completely accurate, we could be seeing dream battles never thought to be possible before.

The roster so far, according to the leaker, consists of Shaggy from Scooby Doo, Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, Batman, Mad Max, Fred Flinstone, Johnny Bravo, and Tom & Jerry.

Additionally, the leaker says that Harry Potter and his friend Ron are in the game, but due to complex rights the team may have stopped development on them.

Sora and Mario in Smash Ultimate
With Smash Ultimate over, more platform fighters are in development.

Multiversus Trademark leak

To back up the leak, the poster included a link to a trademark filed by Warner Bros for a new game titled “Multiversus” which they claim was sent to them after the original Reddit leak.

“It’s an open secret in the industry that after the success of Smash Ultimate, combined with Nintendo’s complete tone-deafness towards their audience and playerbase, a lot of Western Studios have begun to capitalize on the opportunity to make their own platform fighter that doesn’t treat their playerbase and competitive players like s**t,” the leaker said.

However, the leak gets a bit weird when the insider wrote that Netherrealm was developing the game. Jeff Grub, while collaborating the leak, has stated that Netherrealm aren’t the ones behind it.

More platform Smash-style platform fighters coming?

“I know of at least 2 others with major IP that are developing others, all based off Melee’s speed and depth,” the leaker said. “There’s at least one other that, as a studio, is significantly bigger than us and you already know a little about it. All I’ll say on that because I don’t have much info.”

Sadly, that’s all we have so far, but if this leak proves to be accurate, a game where Batman dukes it out with Gandalf could be one of the craziest fighters of all time.

As for a possible announcement, the leaker says it’s possible we get a trailer at The Game Awards in December or early in 2022.

Take all of this with a grain of salt, but be sure to keep your eyes open, because even though Smash Ultimate may be over, platform fighters could be more popular than ever.

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