Tekken’s Kazuya revealed as Smash Ultimate DLC fighter 10

Michael Gwilliam

Nintendo has finally revealed the highly anticipated tenth DLC fighter for Smash Ultimate in the form of Kazuya Mishima from Tekken.

The news comes after months of speculation about who the next character would be, with a Tekken representative catching many fans by surprise.

Kazuya now joins Ryu, Ken and Terry Bogard as the fourth fighting game character to join the series. As such, Street Fighter, Fatal Fury and Tekken are now all represented in Smash.

Smash Ultimate Director Sakurai announced a special presentation to show off the new fighter on June 28 at 7AM PT.

The E3 Nintendo Direct announcement showed off many of the Tekken fighter’s moves such as Jumping Sobat and Dragon Uppercut, so it’s clear he’s going to play very similar to how he does within his own fighting games.

There is still just one fighter remaining in Fighters Pass Volume 2 after Kazuya is released. Sakurai has been very clear in the past that the game will conclude once all the DLC is finished. So far there is no indication as to who the final fighter will be.

Fighters Pass Volume 2 is scheduled to conclude by December, 2021 so we shouldn’t have long to wait to see who they will be.

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