Does MultiVersus have a max level cap for players and characters?

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MultiVersus is an engaging platform brawler and has tons of amazing characters to use and progress, but what is the max level cap that they can reach?

A focus on creating endless, live-service content will likely ensure that MultiVersus remains a popular fighting game with a player count that always has the potential to increase due to the game being free-to-play.

We are closing in on the game’s first official season and players across different platforms will be able to duke it out to rack up some wins.

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Each game you play with a character(s) contributes to their overall character level, but many players are wondering if there is a max level cap in MultiVersus, and we will answer that today.

Does MultiVersus have a maximum player level cap?

So far, there doesn’t appear to be a max level for players to reach and the number next to your avatar has limitless potential as long as you keep playing games of MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is still in its beta phase and there’s every chance that things could change once the game goes properly live.

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Your player level will keep going up as long as you’re playing the game and it might be a good way to flex on people if you reach high numbers!

Does MultiVersus have a maximum character level cap?

To the best of our knowledge, MultiVersus does not have a level cap for characters and players can seemingly level up fighters as much as they want to.

Each pick on the roster has unique items and rewards that can only be obtained by using the character(s) in battle, and when you eventually reach Level 15, you will hit an unofficial hard cap on them – for now.

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Also, most live-service games do increase level caps from time to time with Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends being a fine example of that.

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