MultiVersus: All buffs and nerfs in post-EVO 2022 patch

Sam Comrie
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Warner Brothers brawler MultiVersus is set to receive several buffs and nerfs after EVO 2022, according to game director Tony Huynh. Here’s what you can expect to see in the post-EVO 2022 MultiVersus patch.

MultiVersus is finally available to download for free on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Carving out its own path in the fighting scene with a roster of Warner Brothers-themed characters, the promising brawler has already seen worthwhile tweaks to its various move sets.

An array of nerfs and buffs are heading to MultiVersus after EVO 2022, so here’s what you need to know.

MultiVersus dev reveals buffs & nerfs coming soon

MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh has provided several updates for various character issues and combat queries in the game on social media.

Huynh addressed a prevalent problem with Tom & Jerry, that prevents players from attacking properly, as @ItsKimaru said: “Tom and Jerry seem to get locked out of attacking sometimes and I’m pretty sure it’s a bug since it doesn’t happen with other characters.”

Hunyn confirmed that “this is fixed, and will be coming out with the build right after Evo.”

Wonder Woman and Bugs Bunny have quickly become two of the more favorable characters in the game, with the former confirmed to some love in the next patch: “She got some buffs in the build after Evo.”

Meanwhile, Bugs Bunny is going to see some balancing attention brought his way, as Huynh said: “nerfs inc after EVO, but Bugs Bunny will always be fun.”

Notably, an issue pointed out by @BucklandBrad will be rectified: “Bugs can shoot 2 rockets simultaneously which you probably know but I’ve never seen this before.”

Batman fans rejoice too, as the infuriating “grapple glitch” is set to be corrected too. Huynh clarified that this problem is “fixed on evo and post-evo build.”

In the meantime, keep updated with all things MultiVersus as new characters launch into the game.

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