How to unlock Ranked Play in MultiVersus

Andrew Highton
superman and batman in multiversusWarner Bros.

MultiVersus Ranked Play is a necessary game mode that keeps players of similar skill levels against each other, and we have all the details on it here.

All competitive online game modes generally try to feature some kind of Ranked Play system to give players a sense of accomplishment as they ascend the divisions and make battles fairer.

Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, and Apex Legends are top examples of games that use a system like this, and MultiVersus Ranked Play will help to pair equally skilled fighters against each other.

MuliVersus Ranked Play: How to unlock it

If you look in the MultiVersus playlist options, you’ll see that Ranked Play is advertised, but for now, you cannot unlock it and you will only be able to play the other variations the game offers.

Quite simply, Ranked Play will be debuting in the game and should be fully integrated with the launch of Season 1 content.

So far, we know that Rick and Morty characters are going to be added, an Arcade Mode is coming, and Ranked Play is going to be made active.

We should point out that even though a loose roadmap was shown off at EVO 2022, there are no dates earmarked just yet, with players told to: “Stay tuned for an official Season 1 announcement date coming very soon.”

MultiVersus Game Director Tony Huynh also doubled down on this information by saying that whilst these features are definitely going to drop at some point in Season 1, don’t expect them to be a day one inclusion – this includes Ranked Play.

Once we know a bit more about Ranked Play and how it works we’ll be sure to update this guide ASAP and walk you through it.

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