MultiVersus director explains how its fighter roster could be bigger than Smash Ultimate

mario vs batman in multiversus smashNintendo/Warner Bros

Just how large could the MultiVersus roster become? Game Director Tony Huynh has revealed how the game could feature enough characters to completely dwarf Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

When it comes to platform fighting games, Smash Bros reigns supreme with a roster of over 70 characters spanning multiple genres with Mario able to duke it out with Cloud Strife, Minecraft Steve, Link, Kingdom Hearts’ Sora and more.

While other games such as Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl have tried and failed to take the crown, MultiVersus has stepped up in a big way featuring many of Warner Bros best with plenty of more on the way.

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In response to a fan asking if MultiVersus could reach a point where there are over two-hundered unique fighters, Huynh didn’t mince words and explained that the sky is the limit.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and MultiVersus cover artWarner Bros., Nintendo
MultiVersus could overtake Smash Ultimate.

MultiVersus could have over 200 fighters if players demand it

According to Tony Huynh, MultiVersus could keep on growing as long as players continue to support the game.

“If players want it and support it we’ll keep making more,” he said, indicating that there are no plans to stop.

MultiVersus is in a unique position with its Battle Pass and in-game store where it has immense profit potential. As long as it keeps making money, it’s easy to see why Warner Bros would keep supporting it.

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Of course, it still has a long way to go to catch up with Smash Ultimate, but unlike Nintendo’s flagship fighting game, MultiVersus isn’t limited to characters from video games and can draw from movies, TV shows or even real life people.

Sadly, it does look like for the foreseeable future, the developers will be focusing on adding characters from WB Discovery’s existing IPs, so don’t expect third party fighters to be commonplace just yet.

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That said, Tony has said the team is looking into adding anime characters and even Breaking Bad’s Walter White, so there is still a lot of third-party potential in the cards.

Whether or not MultiVersus can manage to overcome the odds and eclipse Smash Ultimate remains to be seen, but if support continues, we could finally be looking at a true contender for the platform fighter throne.

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