Best Fortnite Red vs Blue Creative map codes

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite Red vs Blue Map codesDexerto

There are lots of Red vs Blue maps that are swarming Fortnite’s Creative game mode and are becoming extremely popular among the player community. So before you jump into some gun game action, we’ve got you covered with the best ones to play right here.

With Fortnite Creative, players can build their own islands in a sandbox environment. These islands may be anything from Deathrun maps to Gun Games to the hilarious Prop Hunt ones. With the help of the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), the mode has now developed into a metaverse brimming with breathtaking experiences influenced by many pop cultural phenomena and other games.

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Red vs. Blue, a hit web series from the early 2000s that took place in the Halo universe, is one example of many inspirations for these experiences. The launch of the Master Chief skin in Fortnite in 2020 marked the official debut of these Creative maps, with Blood Gulch being the first in the category.

Since then, Red vs. Blue has grown into a staple of Fortnite Creative, taking cues from the traditional team-based shooters wherein two teams, represented by the colors red and blue, battle fiercely in intense combat. Designed with balance and competition in mind, these maps will test your and your team’s mettle.

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While a bunch of these maps populate Fortnite’s Discover row, we’ve compiled a list of the top ones, along with the island codes right here.


Best Red vs Blue map codes in Fortnite

Klombo Rage Red vs Blue8892-0718-3996skavi
Heroes Red vs Blue3325-7439-3745Superjoy
Incredible Red vs Blue1003-0152-1999Danomitedan
Red vs Blue Battle – Zero Build2070-1156-4532Team4lpha
The Pit – Red vs Blue8683-4941-1519YouTube-RGHD
Cosmic Clash – Red vs Blue6650-4656-5638FF_Studio

There are more details about each Red vs Blue map below, with information about their unique features to help you decide on which to check out next.

Each one is great, so we’d recommend giving them all a go next time you’re in the mood for some Red vs Blue team action.

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Full breakdown of the best Fortnite Red vs Blue codes

Klombo Rage Red vs Blue: 8892-0718-3996

Klombo Red vs BlueEpic Games/skavi

Think it would be great to see the cute Klombo from Chapter 3 again? Well, Skavi’s Red vs. Blue map puts the beast in Fortnite Creative as two teams compete against each other. Here, you’ll have to battle for your survival while using the destructive power of Klombo to wipe out your opponents.

Heroes Red vs Blue: 3325-7439-3745

Heroes Red vs Blue mapsSuperjoy

Heroes Red vs. Blue, developed by Superjoy Studios of SypherPK, is a top-tier version on the classic Red vs. Blue deathmatch maps found in Fortnite. In this map, players earn points with each elimination and can use those to acquire superpowers like Spider-Man’s super jump or The Flash’s speed. Wipe out opponents and lead your squad to victory by using these powers.

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Incredible Red vs Blue: 1003-0152-1999

Incredible Red vs Blue mapEpic Games/DanomiteDan

Incredible Red vs Blue is a faction based Red vs Blue map in Fortnite Creative that divides the two teams across the two sides into Heroes and Villains. The first group can cause mayhem and plunder, while the second group can save the day by foiling their enemies’ evil schemes. In this DanomiteDan map, the winner is the side that succumbs to the opposing team’s wipeout first.

Red vs Blue Battle – Zero Build: 2070-1156-4532

Red vs Blue Zero Build mapTeam4lpha

Still figuring out how to build and would rather fight without it? For that, you can rely on Team4lpha’s Zero Build Red vs. Blue map. This Fortnite Creative map features furious gunfights between two sides. Builds are disabled, and players must use the latest mobility tools like the Kinetic Blade, Rocket Ram, and more to reach the enemy area. Still, you’ll take more tick damage the longer you remain in your opponent’s territory, which is similar to any Red vs. Blue battlefield.

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The Pit – Red vs Blue: 8683-4941-1519

The Pit Red vs Blue mapsEpic Games

The Pit is a famous Fortnite Creative map that players use for build battles because of its vast area. A creator by the name of YouTube-RGHD has modified it into a Red vs. Blue map for a brutal team deathmatch, complete with a battlefield for players to pit themselves against one another. This isn’t quite a classic Red vs. Blue map, but it’s a chaotic spin on the classic game where everything goes.

Cosmic Clash – Red vs Blue: 6650-4656-5638

Cosmic Red vs Blue Fortnite mapEpic Games/FF_Studio

Has the monotony of the standard Red vs. Blue maps exhausted you? Then you should give the FF_Studio Red vs. Blue map a go. It sends you and your enemies into space for some epic battles. Since you can float about and shoot at enemies while in mid-air on this creator-made island, gravity is minimal. If you want to hone your mid-air sniper shots that could be useful in a Battle Royale fight, this map is ideal for training.

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How to load a Creative map in Fortnite

Fortnite Creative modeEpic Games

To load a Creative map in Fortnite, all you need to do is follow the short list of steps below:

  1. Load up your copy of Fortnite and remain in the Lobby.
  2. Press the button that allows you to change mode (e.g., Square on PlayStation).
  3. Scroll across to Island Code and enter the code for the map you want to play.
  4. Press start!

That’s it for our list of the best Red vs Blue maps in Fortnite Creative. There are loads more to discover, and we’ll update as new maps get released, so check back soon for more enjoyable creations.

Make sure you head over to our dedicated Fortnite hub for the latest news and leaks. For more guide content, check out the following:

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