Fortnite streamer recreates iconic Invincible moment as Omni-Man

Rishabh Sabarwal
Invincible Omni Man FortnitePrime Video / Epic Games

A Fortnite streamer hilariously recreated an iconic moment from Amazon Prime Video’s hit show Invincible while playing Season OG and dressed as Omni-Man himself. Here’s what happened and how the viewers reacted to it.

Fortnite Season OG has been tremendously popular and now that it’s swiftly coming to an end, streamers are on the run to spend their last days while playing the map. Several of their fans got together for a number of livestreams in which they demonstrated their prowess with the game.

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However, one thing that sets Fortnite streamers apart is their ability to keep their sense of humor in the face of intense competition. Whether they’re facing a vigorous build battle or just evading an enemy ambush, these streamers use their wit and comic timing to convert tense moments into chaotic entertainment.

When a similar streamer donned the skin of Omni-man from the current Invincible crossover in Fortnite, he upped the ante by dressing as the character himself. However, things took a humorous turn when they recreated an iconic scene from the popular show during a Battle Royale match.

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Fortnite streamer recreates Invincible scene dressed as Omni-Man

Jordy2d is the streamer in question, and he is well-known for his strange and amusing livestreams, during which he would often dress up as characters and play the game. Jordy went with the look of Omni-Man, the main protagonist of the hit Amazon series Invincible, in one of his livestreams to celebrate the crossover.

He’s been streaming as Omni-Man ever since the skin was released for Fortnite and made a bunch of hilarious content to complement his attire. An example of this can be seen in the streamer’s attempt to imitate the renowned “Think Mark Think” line from the same series.

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At the same time, he utilized a sniper to eliminate an opponent wearing Mark’s skin, while riding a driftboard and delivering the entire monologue. Immediately after doing so, he yelled the response to the dialogue as “Nothing b****. F*****g nothing!”

Upon hearing so, several of his fans turned in with their comments with one such fan saying, “Bro sniped Mark!” Another chimed in, “Yet another Jordy banger.” A third one added, “Why did you make me do this (Mark)?”

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While this is just one of the many instances in Fortnite where the internet remains undefeated, many are still wondering why are players calling for a ceasefire in the game on December 2nd.

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