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Best Fortnite Hide and Seek codes for Creative mode

Published: 19/Mar/2021 12:03 Updated: 18/Jun/2021 8:58

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite Creative allows players to design and play the game of their dreams on custom maps. One of the most popular genres is Hide and Seek, so we’ve gathered all of the best codes to use. 

When Epic Games introduced Creative mode to Fortnite in 2018, it gave players access to a huge sandbox mode with the opportunity to create a range of original games including deathruns, RPGs, and of course hide and seek.

Most of these popular hide and seek maps take the form of Prop Hunts, a fun (and often bizarre) genre that lets players take the form of various items, ranging from tractors to toilets, all while evading an assigned seeker.


Below, you’ll find some of the best hide-and-seek map codes you can play right now, from sprawling mansion murder mysteries to a retro arcade Prop Hunt that will leave you feeling really nostalgic.

Best Hide and Seek map codes in Fortnite

Name Code Creator
Carnival Hide and Seek 8698-8038-7328 mtl_rellik
Area 51 First Person Hide and Seek 4909-3532-4209 teamhorizon
The Simpsons Prop Hunt 8871-0352-3843 marablind
Friday the 13th 4250-7193-5946 jxdvn
Prop Hunt Infinite 7263-1478-7522 puzzler
Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt 0139-3586-5803 eatyoushay
Mansion Murder Mystery 9850-2841-2309 abstraktdan
The Yacht Hide and Seek 2504-2038-5775 ajcplays
Honey I Shrunk Fortnite 4185-2533-4702 mtl_rellik

You can find more details about each individual hide and seek Fortnite map below, with screenshots and information about their gameplay styles so you can decide whether you want to play them or not.

Each one offers guaranteed fun, though, so we’d recommend trying them all out.

Carnival Hide and Seek: 8698-8038-7328

Carnival Hide and Seek Fortnite
Epic Games / mtl_rellik
This Carnival is a whole lot of fun.

One of the best maps we’ve seen in Fortnite Creative is this Carnival Hide and Seek map. Everything you’d expect to see at an amusement park is here, from a rollercoaster to a house of mirrors and even a tunnel of love, providing countless places to hide – and yes, you can climb up the big wheel.


Area 51 First Person Hide and Seek: 4909-3532-4209

Fortnite Area 51 hide and seek
Epic Games / TeamHorizon
Hide and seek in first-person is a different experience.

If you want a unique hide and seek experience, this Area 51 map delivers just that, as you’ll actually be playing in first-person mode – a perspective not often seen in Fortnite. This map is absolutely huge, and while playing in first-person makes it a little difficult to hide as you can’t see your character, it all adds to the overall challenge. Get your Alien skins to make things extra immersive.

Friday the 13th: 4250-7193-5946

Fortnite Friday the 13th map
Epic Games / jxdvn
Friday the 13th comes to Fortnite.

A game of hide and seek is even more fun when it’s blended with a little horror. This map is a little different from the rest, as six campers have the choice to either hide and survive the night or defeat Jason to win. Set against the backdrop of Camp Crystal Lake from the iconic movie Friday the 13th, hide and seek doesn’t get much scarier than this.


The Simpsons Prop Hunt: 8871-0352-3843

Fortnite The Simpsons Prop Hunt
Epic Games / marablind
The Simpsons in Fortnite? What more could you want.

Everyone’s favorite animated family is The Simpsons, right? While an official crossover with the Matt Groening creation seems unlikely, the beloved series has been brought into the Fortnite universe with a Prop Hunt map that recreates the family’s iconic house. You’ll even find Bart’s treehouse in the backyard.

Prop Hunt Infinite: 7263-1478-7522

Fortnite Prop Hunt Infinite
Epic Games / puzzler
This arcade even has a Laser Tag arena.

Looking for a hefty helping of nostalgia to go with your hide-and-seek antics? Prop Hunt Infinite might be the map for you. It takes players back to the good ol’ days of neon arcades, complete with video games, giant teddy prizes, and a fast-food outlet. There’s also a new Laser Tag arena on the map to keep things really retro.


Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt: 0139-3586-5803

Fortnite Water Park map
Epic Games / eatyoushay
Fancy a trip to the Water Park?

This very creative Fortnite map takes players to an indoor water park. It’s got water slides, an ice cream vendor, and even changing rooms complete with shower cubicles. The details here are great, and it makes a change from the environments you’d typically see in the game’s battle royal mode.

Mansion Murder Mystery: 9850-2841-2309

Fortnite Mansion Murder Mystery
Epic Games / abstraktdan
This is one of the best-designed maps in Fortnite.

Another deviation from the traditional hide and seek map, this Mansion Murder Mystery is a brilliantly designed location with massive rooms to explore and even a cinema. A murderer is on the loose, and innocents must work with the Detective to figure out who it is – while not getting eliminated themselves.


The Yacht Hide and Seek: 2504-2038-5775

Fortnite Yacht Hide and Seek
Epic Games / ajcplays
The Yacht has returned.

Add a little luxury to your next round of hide and seek on The Yacht. This popular landmark first appeared near Craggy Cliffs in Chapter 2 Season 2 of Fortnite Battle Royale, and now players can revisit the abandoned cargo ship in this Creative map. You’ll be glad to know that Midas’ golden statue, the jacuzzi, and Meowscles’ private room are all still here.

Honey I Shrunk Fortnite: 4185-2533-4702

Honey I Shrunk Fortnite map
Epic Games / mtl_rellik
Shrink down to size in this incredible map.

Now this one’s a classic. Honey I Shrunk Fortnite is one of the most imaginative maps on our list, taking an average suburban house and scaling it up to make players seem small and everything else feel huge. Venture into the garden among giant mushrooms and gnome statues, then seek out the best hiding spots inside ant hills and Venus flytraps.

How to load a Creative Island in Fortnite

Fortnite Creative Mode
Epic Games
Loading a Creative map in Fortnite is simple.

If you’re not sure how to use a Creative Island code in Fortnite, it’s actually pretty easy. You can do this from the main menu, or when you’re already in Creative mode. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Load up Fortnite and enter Creative mode.
  2. Walk up to a featured island rift.
  3. Hold down the ‘Use’ button to bring up the code menu.
  4. Type the code for the island you want to visit.
  5. Walk into the rift to begin.

That’s it for our list of the best hide and seek maps in Fortnite Creative mode. There are plenty more out there, and we’ll update as new maps get released, so check back soon for more exciting creations.

In the meantime, head over to our dedicated Fortnite hub for the latest news, guides, and leaks.