Best Fortnite Escape Room codes & maps (2023)

An image of Fortnite characters with the text 'escape room codes'Epic Games

Escape Room codes allow Fortnite players to experience the thrill of trying to escape from unique, themed environments, so we’ve got the best maps for you to play in 2023 right here.

Ever since it was introduced in 2018, Fortnite’s Creative mode has given players the ability to create the maps of their dreams across a range of genres like Deathruns, Hide and Seek, and classic Gun Games.

One of the most popular map types in Creative mode, though, is the Escape Room. Just like in real life, these map codes require you to find clues, solve puzzles and figure your way out to, well, escape.

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Below, we’ve included codes for some of the best Escape Room maps in Fortnite Creative mode right now, with a mix of difficulties and themes, meaning there’s something for everyone


Best Fortnite Escape Room codes & maps

Escape Room Map Code
Huge IQ Escape Room 5196-4085-4720
The Hospital Escape Room 6595-8752-4901
Co-op Duo Puzzle Escape Challenge 1264-1483-9792
50 Ways Out 5562-0386-0559
Escape The Vampires 9323-9190-5007
The Yacht Escape Room 2385-3342-5568
Impossible Escape Room 4481-4367-0516
The Haunted Castle 0014-3242-3372
Winterfest Escape 2512-0233-1209
First Person Visual Escape 1211-9143-2539
Hauntophobia 6621-4642-3997

Each of these maps are great experiences that we’d recommend trying, but we’ve gone into more detail about some of the best ones below to give you a better idea of what they’re all about.

Breakdown of the best Fortnite Escape Room codes

Huge IQ Escape Room: 5196-4085-4720

Huge IQ Escape Room map

There are just seven levels to get through in this Escape Room map from 2xvoid, but while the first one may seem easy, the rest of the levels get harder and harder as your progress. Expect to be scratching your head — or throwing your controller — in frustration by the end.

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The Hospital Escape Room: 6595-8752-4901

Fortnite Hospital Escape Room map codeEpic Games / 2xvoid
Love a jump scare? This map is for you.

According to creator 2xvoid, this horror-themed Escape Room map requires brainpower over parkour skills, so come prepared to think rather than just barging your way through. It also features plenty of terrifying jump scares — so make sure you don’t play this one with the lights off!

Co-op Duo Puzzle Escape Challenge: 1264-1483-9792

Duo Escape Room Puzzle map codeEpic Games
This map is made for playing with a friend.

If you’re looking for an Escape Room to play with a friend, this map from FortniteCreativeTutorials is perfect. To emerge victorious, you’ll need to team up with another player to combine your skills and intelligence as you search for a way out.

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50 Ways Out: 5562-0386-0559

An image of the 50 Ways Out Escape Room code in FortniteEpic Games / treefittyy
Reckon you’ve got the skill to beat 50 mini escape rooms?

This back-to-basics Fortnite Escape Room map from Treefittyy features 50 mini-levels to escape from, making it one of the most ‘pure’ Escape Room experiences you can have in Fortnite. There’s no storyline, just loads of tricky puzzles to solve.

Escape The Vampires: 9323-9190-5007

Escape the Vampires map in FortniteEpic Games / DimensionDr4gon
Escape room meets gothic horror? We’re in.

In this map from DimensionDr4gon, players are captured by vampires and must escape their castle, so expect some scares along the way. It’s more of an action-adventure experience than a pure Escape Room, but don’t let that put you off, as it’s a really fun map to explore.

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The Yacht Escape Room: 2385-3342-5568

The Yacht Escape Room map in FortniteEpic Games / Froosco
You’ll feel like you’re on holiday with this Escape Room.

Fancy going on a cruise? This classic Yacht Escape Room map from Foosco takes you out into open waters as you use a combination of brainpower and Fortnite skills to work your way through the Yacht landmark.

First Person Visual Escape: 1211-9143-2539

Art of a Fortnite character using a first person perspectiveEpic Games / Treefittyy
Want to escape from a map in first-person? You need to check out this map.

If you’re looking for something a little different compared to those on this list, you need to check out this first-person Escape Room. As the title suggests, you’ll be using a first-person camera perspective to navigate themed environments, with puzzles to complete on your way to the finish line.

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How to use Escape Room map codes in Fortnite Creative

Here’s how to use an Escape Room map code in Fortnite:

  1. Launch Fortnite and make sure you’re in the lobby.
  2. Press the corresponding button to ‘Change’ the mode you’re playing.
  3. Scroll across to the ‘Island Code‘ tab at the top of the screen.
  4. Enter the code you want and launch the map!

Epic Games have made it much easier to use a map code in Fortnite with recent updates, meaning you no longer need to enter the Creative Hub and use rifts to get to them.

That’s it for our list of the best Escape Room codes in Fortnite Creative for 2023. There are plenty more out there, and we’ll update as new maps get released.

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