7 best Fortnite Creative maps for earning XP

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Zeus in Fortnite XP logo screen

There are various maps in Fortnite Creative to earn ludicrous amounts of XP. Here are the 7 best ones you’ll need to know to level up faster.

Each season, Fortnite players discover new strategies to level up quicker and finish their Battle Pass before the season ends. To proceed through their pass, players must collect XP by completing missions in the Battle Royale, Rocket Racing, Festival, and LEGO Fortnite modes.

Those who wish to avoid the grind could head to Creative or UEFN maps to participate in illicit XP glitch maps. Although they can initially provide significant amounts of XP, the consequences might eventually result in an Epic account ban.

On the other side, there are various enjoyable maps in Fortnite Creative that you can enjoy while earning legitimate XP using faster-than-usual tactics to avoid the grind.

Here are the 7 best Fortnite Creative maps that grant generous XP.

Fortnite player getting XP and leveling up fast.
You can take a break from BR and chill in Creative to earn free XP.


7 Best Fortnite Creative maps for earning legit XP

Map NameMap CodeCreator
The Pit – Free For All4590-44493-7113Geerzy
Go Goated – Zone Wars3305-1551-7747TheBoyDilly
350+ Parkour Fun Run1387-7831-1752Candook
Zombieland9369-6922-8408Good Gamers Legacy
LEGO Obby Fun6344-4048-9837LEGO
Crazyy Red vs Blue2898-7886-8847RVB
Prison Breakout RP6531-4403-0726FNBreakout

You can find more details about each individual Fortnite map below that grants legit XP, with screenshots and information about their gameplay styles so you can decide whether you want to play them or not.

Each one offers guaranteed fun and tons of XP, so we’d recommend trying them all out.

Full breakdown of best Fortnite Creative maps to earn XP

The Pit – Free For All: 4590-4493-7113

The Pit by Geerzy Fortnite map
Headshot or eliminate enemies to gain large amounts of XP in The Pit.

The Pit – Free For All by Geerzy is one of the top practice maps in Fortnite Creative. Players can claim their choice of loot from spawn and drop into a huge pit to battle among themselves. Furthermore, you can earn ridiculous amounts of XP when you eliminate an opponent in a single shot, plus you earn bonus XP if that’s a headshot.

To make the best use of this map to earn XP, party up with up to 6-7 friends and spawn in separate teams. Assist one another with an elimination and help each other gain XP.

Go Goated – Zone Wars: 3305-1551-7747

Fortnite Go Goated Zone Wars
Eliminate enemies and survive to gain XP and level up.

TheBoyDilly’s Zone Wars map called Go Goated is one of the best zone wars practice maps out there. From a wide range of loot available from the onset, players battle it out in teams against one another as the storm closes in.

You aim to survive the storm and with each elimination, you’re awarded with generous amounts of XP with every round. However, it works best if you’ve got friends to help you with it or you head into a public lobby with them.

350+ Parkour Fun Run: 1387-7831-4752

Fortnite Parkour Fun Run by Candook
Collect coins during the course to gain more XP.

While Parkour Maps were all the rage when Fortnite Creative first came out, Candook’s Fun Run became one of the toughest ones. However, soon when Epic enabled XP in Creative mode, the map soon added coins throughout the course, which upon collecting, grants insane amounts of XP. Complete the course and earn bonus XP with each stage.

Zombieland: 9369-6922-8408

Zombieland Fortnite map
Kill Zombies and level up to earn more XP with each overkill.

Zombieland is by far the most fun map of them all where killing endless waves of husk monsters is your ultimate goal. However, with each elimination, you earn coins and upgrades that you can use to claim rarer weapons.

Once you start eliminating zombies faster, you earn more XP and from there, it gets easier for you to level up along your account level.

LEGO Obby Fun: 6344-4048-9837

LEGO Obby Fun Fortnite map
You can earn XP by completing the obstacle course by LEGO.

LEGO Obby Fun marks the introduction of LEGO-themed UEFN maps and is a gorgeous obstacle course fully modeled using LEGO Fortnite assets. Your equipped skin is changed to a LEGO avatar and the physics of the UEFN map works similarly to the game mode.

Furthermore, with every stage cleared, you earn generous amounts of XP. So challenge yourself and clear the beautiful LEGO obstacle course set in the skies.

Crazyy Red vs Blue: 2898-7886-8847

Crazyy Red vs Blue by RVB Fortnite map
Eliminate enemies to rack up on XP in this map.

Unleash chaos and mayhem in RVB’s Crazyy Red vs Blue map. In this Fortnite map, you get access to all weapons from the vast loot pool that you can use and vehicles as well so you are well equipped to wipe out the other team.

Furthermore with each elimination, you gain an insane amount of XP which helps you level up faster.

Prison Breakout RP: 6531-4403-0726

Prison Breakout Fortnite map
Be a Prisoner or the law in this exciting map that grants generous XP.

A stunning roleplay map where you assume the role of a Prisoner or a Guard, Prison Breakout RP is one of the most detailed Fortnite maps. In the game you get to perform a plethora of activities like mining, robbing a bank, heist diamonds, and so on.

For each little task you do, you earn XP, so make sure to party up with your friends and give this one a go. Furthermore, you can also drive around the map or fly a choppa to wreak havoc.

How to load a Creative map in Fortnite

Fortnite Discovery tab showing all the maps available to play.
Fortnite Discovery tab showing all the maps available to play.

If you’re not sure how to use a Creative Island code in Fortnite, it’s actually pretty easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Load up Fortnite and head to Discovery while you’re in the lobby.
  2. Go to the search bar and enter the code for the island or name you want to visit.
  3. Click Play on the pop-up tile of the island.
  4. Return to the lobby and choose if you want to load into a Public lobby or Private.
  5. Press the ‘Ready Up’ button to launch.

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