What is FIFA 23 FUT Moments? Ultimate Team rewards, more

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FIFA 23 FUT Moments is a brand-new game mode in Ultimate Team, giving players a completely different way to earn rewards in single player. Here’s a breakdown of FIFA 23 FUT Moments and what the mode means for Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 is gearing up to be the “biggest FIFA” yet, with a host of new playable leagues, as well as plenty of gameplay changes thanks to HyperMotion 2.

Career Mode and Pro Clubs are also set to see substantial overhauls, but it’s no surprise that Ultimate Team is stealing the show once again.

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FUT Moments is the latest mode joining the likes of Division Rivals and FUT Champions in Ultimate Team, so we’ve put together a useful guide on what the mode is and why it’s worth playing.

What is FIFA 23 FUT Moments?

FIFA 23 FUT Moments is a brand-new Ultimate Team mode that sees players taking on a number of bite-sized single-player challenges in pursuit of rewards, broken up into campaigns related to a superstar player or an iconic tournament.

Each FUT Moments game is a short scenario where players must complete a handful of objectives before time runs out. These could include completing a certain number of passes or scoring a specific type of goal in the dying embers of a match.

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The mode is being treated as its own live service, so while a number of campaigns will available from day one, we can expect to see more and more added as the year goes on.

FIFA 23 FUT Moments rewards

Completing any FUT Moments scenario rewards the player with stars, which can be exchanged in the Star Gallery for FUT packs or cards to bolster their team. The harder the difficulty selected, the more stars earned in one go.

Since this new feature is existing in its own eco-system, FUT Moments isn’t tied to the same season structure as the rest of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. This means that rewards in the Star Gallery will be swapped out at different intervals, and players can save up their stars all year if they wish to.

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Unlike other single-player content like Squad Battles, there is no weekly rewards scheme either. Players will earn their stars which can be exchanged as soon as the FUT Moments is complete.

That was everything we know about FIFA 23 FUT Moments so far. We’ll be sure to update this page with the latest details as they emerge close to FIFA 23’s launch.

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