Addison Rae finally goes public with new boyfriend Omer Fedi for first time

Addison Rae Omer FediInstagram, Addison Rae/Omer Fedi

TikToker Addison Rae has been spotted holding hands with boyfriend Omer Fedi for the first time as paparazzi spotted the pair going out for a stroll in Los Angeles.

Rumors have been circulating for months now about the pair but it seems the two have become much open about being romantic in public in recent weeks.

Ever since she split up with TikTok star Bryce Hall, fans have been asking who she might be dating next. At one point, fans even suspected she might have secretly been dating YouTuber Logan Paul though it has since appeared that was not the case.

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On August 1, fans first began speculating that Rae and Omer Fedi were a thing after both posted a video featuring a shadow of two people being intimate. Fedi is a guitarist who has worked with the likes of Lil Nas X and the Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber.

The video was posted on both Addison and Omer’s Instagram stories leading to fans presuming that the video was both Rae and Fedi getting it on.

Addison Rae in red dress on Jimmy KimmelYouTube: Jimmy Kimmel
Addison Rae has slowly broken her way into the mainstream, and recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show promoting her upcoming film ‘He’s All That’

Some fans weren’t happy about Fedi as a potential boyfriend criticizing Rae’s taste in guys, but Rae quickly hit back briefly liking a tweet telling people to “leave her alone.”

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The tweet read, “A downgrade?? Is it someone that makes her happy? Don’t we all want someone that makes you happy, feel loved and feel the best in the world? She started nothing and is enjoying life and love. Just like that guy you are talking about is doing. Leave her alone!”

However, interest in the relationship hit a peak when Rae appeared to be spotted kissing Fedi in her car on the street in Los Angeles that was caught by paparazzi.

While neither have officially confirmed their relationship, they’ve certainly not attempted to hide it. In a recent paparazzi clip, Rae and Fedi were spotted walking together holding hands for the first time in public.

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Rae was spotted wearing a striking Superman T-shirt while Fedi sported his signature red hair. In the clip, Rae is asked about recent rumors that she has been invited to the Met Gala 2021 by the paparazzi.

The influencer avoided the question laughing it off and avoids a question about criticism over influencers’ appearances at the ball. Rae was also asked about her Sephora launch but again seemed to pass on the question.

Bryce Hall, Rae’s ex, said he was happy that Rae appears to have found someone she likes. He said, ” I’m happy for her. She found somebody else and moved on” in a podcast appearance on Tana Mongeau’s Cancelled podcast.

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