Addison Rae shades criticism over new rumored boyfriend Omer Fendi

Virginia Glaze
Addison Rae shades criticism over Omer Fedi romance rumors

TikTok star Addison Rae sent the internet into a tizzy after seeming to hint at a new romance with guitarist Omer Fedi… but not everyone is impressed with her taste in guys.

Addison Rae’s love life has been a confusing ordeal ever since her rise to internet stardom in 2019.

Her on-again, off-again relationship with Bryce Hall took over tea pages for over a year until the couple finally made it official in fall 2020… but they broke things off shortly thereafter for undisclosed reasons.

After their split, it was rumored that Addison Rae was involved with YouTube star Logan Paul, and after that, rapper Jack Harlowe — but nothing ever came of this speculation.

Addison Rae Bryce Hall reveal relationship status
“Braddison” was one of the most popular pairings across TikTok for some time until the couple made it official in late 2020, only to break things off a few months later.

Now, months later, it seems that Rae has struck up a romance with producer and guitarist Omer Fedi. While fans have been keeping an eye on the two for some time now, most recently, Rae posted an artsy video showing herself embracing an undetermined person in the shadows reflected on a wall, set to Kim Carnes’ 1981 hit ‘Bette Davis Eyes.’

Fedi appeared to confirm that the unnamed fella in the video was him, reposting the vid to his Instagram story without a caption.

Since then, a number of reactions have spread throughout the net — not the least of which is Bryce Hall’s, who claimed that he’d never heard of Fedi until recently, due to Rae’s latest Instagram clip.


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“Hey, if she’s happy, it’s all good!” A supportive Bryce commented after the guitarist was made fun of during a recent episode of The Sync Podcast.

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Plenty of commenters have been throwing shade Fedi’s way, comparing him to an “off-brand 6ix9ine” and even calling him a “downgrade” from Bryce Hall… but it doesn’t look like Rae is here for the criticism.

Amidst the ongoing reactions to her purported romance, Rae liked — and quickly unliked — a Tweet hitting back at the rude comments toward Fedi.

“A downgrade??” The tweet read. “Is it someone that makes her happy? Don’t we all want someone that makes you happy, feel loved and feel the best in the world? She started nothing and is enjoying life and love. Just like that guy you are talking about is doing. Leave her alone!”


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While the tweet is no longer in her liked posts, the activity didn’t go unnoticed by fans, further stoking the fires of speculation that these two are an undercover item… although they both have yet to officially spill the beans.