TikToker goes viral teaching Jason Derulo new dance moves in Kid Laroi ‘Stay’ meme

TikToker goes viral Kid Laroi Stay meme Jason DeruloTikTok: @ToTouchAnEmu

The Kid Laroi’s ‘Stay’ song has become a huge hit on TikTok, spawning a viral trend that has users all across the app swaying their hips to the beat — and now, even Jason Derulo has hopped on the bandwagon.

The Kid Laroi is an up-and-coming artist who is receiving a good amount of critical acclaim these days. The ‘Without You’ singer has taken over the radio waves with his new album, ‘F**K LOVE,’ and has even scored a major feature with Justin Bieber.

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Their song ‘Stay’ has similarly taken TikTok by storm, sparking a humorous trend that was first started by user ‘maxtaylorlifts.’ The viral clip shows the TikToker doubtfully wondering why people like the track so much before finally giving into the hype and shaking his groove thing.

While Max Taylor was the one to start the viral meme, TikToker ‘ToTouchAnEmu’ has really taken off with the dance.

He has created several videos using the song that have garnered millions of views each — the first of which shows him rocking Taylor’s moves while wearing a pair of aviator glasses, as his drone captures some pretty impressive shots behind his apartment complex.

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In fact, Emu has gotten so darn popular that the one and only Jason Derulo reached out to him via Instagram, messaging him to “Come thru.”

Emu’s video of their encounter shows the two hopping onto Derulo’s roof before breaking out in Max Taylor’s iconic booty-shakin’ dance — and the internet is loving it.

The TikTok has officially gone viral, managing to score 1.5 million views within the first hour it was posted. At the time of writing, Emu’s upload now boasts 2.3 million views (with a warning to viewers to avoid jumping onto their own roofs to film a TikTok trend, of course).

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Jason Derulo isn’t the only celebrity to hop on this particular bandwagon; Dr Phil also went viral for breaking it down to the song, and even The Kid Laroi himself jumped in on the fun. Bella Poarch also busted a move to the tune alongside Emu in a TikTok that has gained over 109 million views and counting!

It’s safe to say that Laroi’s meme is here to ‘Stay’ — and there’s no telling where TikTok will take the trend next.

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