Battlefield 2042 Nov 25 update patch notes: Hovercraft nerfs, bloom fixes, more

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Battlefield 2042 gameplay

The next major Battlefield 2042 update is locked in for November 25 as Electronic Arts look to fix weapon bloom, nerf Hovercrafts, and improve performance across the board.

After a brief early access period, the full launch of Battlefield 2042 is now behind us. Just days into the release and the second patch has already been scheduled for November 25.

While the first update targeted network issues and overall performance, the second update dives into key gameplay changes. From weapon balancing to vehicle changes and plenty more, here’s a complete overview of Battlefield 2042’s November 25 update.


Hovercraft nerfs in new Battlefield 2042 update

Battlefield 2042 Hovercraft gameplay
Hover Crafts are the first vehicle to be nerfed in Battlefield 2042.

It’s no secret that Hovercrafts have been the most powerful vehicles in Battlefield 2042 since early access kicked off. Just hours into the experience and top names like Shroud were already highlighting how “broken” they were.

After teasing changes on the way, we now know exactly how the Hovercraft is being nerfed. Not only is the vehicle’s health being balanced, but so too is its weaponry, EA confirmed.

While no specific values were outlined, we also know that similar nerfs are locked in for the MD540 Nightbird as well.

We’ll keep you posted here if specific details emerge in the coming days.

Bloom reduced in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 gameplay
Weapon bloom has been a hot topic since Battlefield 2042 launched.

Another key issue in Battlefield 2042 has been weapon bloom. Many players have already grown frustrated with the randomized accuracy mechanic as it can “reward bad players.”

“We have observed that on many weapons, predominantly on Assault Rifles, that spread tends to be too high,” EA explained. “Weapons miss more often than they really should which makes for an unsatisfying experience and can feel unfair.”

As a result, the devs have made a “series of adjustments to greatly reduce the impact of spread.” Moving forward, lining up a perfect shot should feel more rewarding.

Early Battlefield 2042 Update #2 improvements

Here are the early notes for Battlefield 2042 Update #2, but we’ve got the full notes below, too.


  • We’re seeing that on rare occasions that you’re unable to spawn on the server with your intended loadout. We believe we’ve discovered the issue and it will be fixed in our Update #2 on November 25.
  • As a precaution, we have added a new safety feature in our next update which ensures you’ll always directly respawn after 30 seconds have elapsed.


  • Reduced spread globally when zoomed and moving
  • Improved stationary zoomed accuracy for many weapons
  • Spread now decreases faster and earlier when pacing shots. This means more success with single-fire or short bursts.
  • Increased PP-29 vertical recoil to ensure that the weapon does not overperform when engaging outside of its intended combat range


  • Vehicle Balancing for the LCAA Hovercraft and MD540 Nightbird

General gameplay

  • Improved Soldier Revives, addressing ‘unable to revive when a Soldier dies close to an object, or wall.’
  • A respawn protection system that will help to prevent any extraneous issues that can leave a player in a downed state for too long, and force a manual respawn when required.
  • Re-enabling our UAV-1 Interaction in Battlefield Portal, available on our Battlefield Bad Company 2 maps. It was overpowered, and we’ve made adjustments to account for that.
Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone gameplay
The #2 update should fix several of Battlefield 2042’s issues.

Full Battlefield 2042 update #2 patch notes

EA have released the full Update #2 patch notes on their website. Here’s what’s been improved:

General gameplay improvements

  • Bullet spread has been reduced on all weapons except Shotguns. This should result in better accuracy during gameplay.
  • Increased PP-29 vertical recoil to ensure that the weapon does not overperform when engaging outside of its intended combat range.
  • Resolved an issue where players who were killed close to obstacles such as walls or water were unable to be revived.
  • Resolved instances where players were stuck in a downed state and unable to respawn.
  • We’ve also introduced a hidden timer that will activate after 30 seconds of being in a downed state that will force a redeploy should it be required

Blast radius/damage improvements

  • MD540 Nightbird Mounted 20mm Cannons – we are reducing the radius at which bullets do damage upon impact, and decreasing their splash damage.
  • Reduced Blast Radius size from 3 to 2.
  • Reduced Inner Blast Radius damage from 1.5 to 0.75.KA-520 Super Hokum – 30mm Cannon (side mount) – we are reducing overall damage and range at which bullets do full damage, while increasing the overall bullet spread.
  • Reduced Blast Radius from 2 to 1.6.
  • Reduced Blast Damage from 20 to 14.
  • Reduced bullet damage before Damage Fall Off starts 18 to 15.
  • Reduced Damage Fall Off distance from 200 to 180.
  • Reduced bullet damage at max Fall Off distance from 8 to 6.
  • Increased bullet range and spread.
  • AH-64GX Apache Warchief and KA-520 Super Hokum – 30mm Cannon – we are reducing the radius at which bullets do damage upon impact, and decreasing their splash damage.
  • Reduced Blast Damage from 20 to 18.
  • Increased the Damage Fall Off for enemies that are further away from the bullet impact center.

More gameplay fixes

  • We reduced the overall damage of the Minigun for all Land Vehicles, alongside bullet damage drop off now starting earlier.
  • Reduced bullet damage before Damage Fall Off starts from 18 to 13.
  • Reduced Damage Fall Off distance from 60 to 40.
  • Reduced bullet damage at max Fall Off distance to 6.
  • Equipped armor type for the LCAA Hovercraft has been adjusted which increases it’s vulnerability against different weapon types.

Battlefield Portal – UAV-1 fixes

  • The UAV-1 has been re-enabled within Battlefield Portal.
  • Greatly reduced health regeneration delay and speed.
  • Increased missile damage against vehicles and infantry.
  • The drone is now able to roadkill enemies.
  • Breakthrough matches will now correctly end after the last sector has been captured.
  • Resolved an issue that caused players queued for a match in Battlefield Portal to be sent back to the menu, instead of joining the match when a slot became available.
  • Made general improvements to stability to prevent rare occurrences of game crashing.

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