Battlefield 2042: What is the level cap & how to level up faster

Battlefield 2042 has been delayed past its original October release date.Electronic Arts

Battlefield 2042 launched on November 19 and some players are already rising through the ranks with immense pace. However, it can be a grind to get to the top. Here’s everything you need to know about leveling up faster and reaching the level cap. 

Players around the world are duking it out in the landscapes of Hourglass and Manifest, as Battlefield 2042 welcomes in a new era for EA DICE.

There are a plethora of challenges to blast through, but as the XP starts to roll in you may be wondering just how far you can take your specialist.

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Here’s how you can level up faster, to reach the level cap before your friends do.


battlefield 2042 pre orderDICE
Battlefield 2042 boasts some of the biggest maps in the franchise.

What is the level cap in Battlefield 2042?

With no campaign included this time around, Battlefield 2042 is a purely multiplayer experience with up to 128 players fighting for victory. Unlike other FPS games like Call of Duty, the path to leveling up is far more merciless.

It will take some time, but the current level cap for players sits at level 99. Conversely, the highest S-Level goes all the way up to S999.

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However, when it comes to S-Levels, this doesn’t currently unlock anything new or worthwhile in the game. So think of this as an extra flex on your rivals and squadmates alike.

An image of Ribbons in Battlefield 2042.EA DICE
Ribbons will be earned as you put more time in Battlefield 2042.

How to level up faster in Battlefield 2042

When it comes to leveling up faster in Battlefield 2042, patience is the key. XP doesn’t come in excessive amounts, but there are things you can do to get an extra push on your way to the level cap.

Gaining XP can be done in any of the modes featured within Battlefield 2042. Typically most XP is acquired by completing challenges, but there are a few standard methods you can use to gain an additional boost:

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  • Killing enemy players
  • Getting assists on squadmates kills
  • Healing fellow players
  • Using EMP’s
  • Destroying enemy vehicles
  • Using the Recon Drone gadget to spot enemies and vehicles
  • Ranger Kills
  • Resupplying your allies with ammo

If you continue to repeat these actions, especially assists and healing, you’ll start to earn Ribbons which can supplement the total amount of XP earned.

How to level up faster in Battlefield 2042 Portal Mode

Another way to gain XP is by taking advantage of Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode, which has a growing amount of XP Farm servers. These servers work by trapping bots or enemy players into chokehold situations – with little HP so that they are virtually a one-shot kill.

It should be stated that DICE has caught wind of these Portal Mode “XP server farms” and have begun patching it up. However, there are still many of them you can get into. There’s no telling how long these will last so jump in while you still can!

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Alternative ways to level up faster in Battlefield 2042

Hazard Zone can also grant more XP than a traditional Conquest match if you happen to land a decent amount of kills. Each kill is 200 XP each, which is further aided by the sizable amount gained by completing a match (especially if you successfully extract from the map).

Lastly, similarly to EA DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront 2, players can hop into Solo/Co-Op playlists on Conquest and Breakthrough that pit you against A.I. soldiers. You’ll be able to gain a great amount of XP from drilling down A.I. foes in quick succession.

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Now you’re all set to reach the level cap within Battlefield 2042. Make sure to check back incase anything changes.

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