xQc and Pokelawls baffled by Battlefield 2042’s “weird” post-game voice lines - Dexerto

xQc and Pokelawls baffled by Battlefield 2042’s “weird” post-game voice lines

Published: 13/Nov/2021 20:29

by Alan Bernal


Popular Twitch streamers xQc and Pokelawls were confused by Battlefield 2042’s post-game lobby that incorporates voice lines that the broadcasters couldn’t believe.

The next installment of the beloved franchise brings Battlefield to next-gen consoles with insane graphics and updated systems to refine its classic formula. Weapons feel impactful, particle effects raise the intensity of battle, and specialists are a lot more personalized.

But DICE might have gotten a bit too casual with their implementation of post-game voice lines in BF 2042 going by the reactions from the pair of streamers after hearing them.

“Why do they make war look so fun,” Poke said. “That’s so weird.”


Characters were heard saying things like “I’m not overconfident, just better than everyone else” and “A good day’s work. But I’m not one to brag.”

Poke was baffled by Specialist quips that you can hear after a game wraps up. The particularly cheery tones were sending mixed signals for a game that goes above and beyond to recreate the large-scale realism of a war-torn battlefield.

“‘I just killed a town full of civilians to get their oil! Onto the next country, let’s resupply and go again,’” xQc said mocking the voice lines.

battlefield 2042 specialists
DICE created Specialists in Battlefield 2042 with tons of quips and voice lines.

These lines are more for the player’s benefit to give the game a more personal feel instead of a generic post-game lobby.


Some in the Battlefield community were similarly confused while also pointing to the in-game lines that characters can be heard saying.

“I thought the exact same thing during the beta,” one person said. “The characters also make quips when they’re driving vehicles like ‘woohoo, hell yeah, this is so fun.’ Jesus Christ.”