Every Specialist in Battlefield 2042: New class details, Gadgets, & Traits

Battlefield 2042 Specialist gameplayElectronic Arts

Out with the traditional class system and in with a brand new set of Specialists – Battlefield 2042 did away with the franchise trend in favor of powerful new characters with their own abilities and Traits. Here’s a complete list of all the Battlefield 2042 Specialists available today.

Pushing the franchise in a new direction, 2042 marked the introduction of Specialists. These brand new Battlefield 2042 classes take inspiration from past classes in the series but come with their own set of tools and abilities.

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The traditional Medic class is now a Support Specialist. An Assault character drops in with his own Grappling Hook, and that’s just scratching the surface; there’s plenty to unravel with 11 new characters available to use today.

Regardless of your pick, all Specialists are now able to select their own weapons, grenades, and secondary Gadgets. The door is wide open in this new era of Battlefield and we’ve got the lowdown on every Specialist announced thus far.

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Battlefield 2042: Assault Specialist – Webster Mackay

Battlefield 2042 Assault SpecialistElectronic Arts
The Assault Specialist brings his own Grappling Hook to the fight.

Up first is the flashy Canadian, Webster Mackay. This Specialist comes equipped with his very own Grappling Hook in a first for the Battlefield series. While we’ve seen Grapple launchers in previous iterations, we’ve never seen anything quite as fast as this.

In the blink of an eye, the Assault Specialist can scale buildings and launch onto rooftops with a single use of the ability. You’re unable to use weapons while locked into this animation, but a few seconds of sacrifice can save you a minute or two climbing up the inside of a derelict building.

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Adding to this Specialist’s fluid mobility, the Assault pick also comes with Nimble, a unique Trait further enhancing speed in combat. Nimble gives this Specialist increased agility when aiming down sights.

Battlefield 2042: Assault Specialist – Santiago ‘Dozer’ Espinoza

Battlefield 2042 Specialist gameplayElectronic Arts
Dozer is the only specialist that can withstand more damage than the rest.

Next in the Assault Specialist category is Dozer, a beefy character that comes equipped with his own SOB-8 Ballistic Shield. As you would expect, this shield is capable of absorbing incoming fire, protecting not only yourself, but any teammates in the line of fire.

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To keep the Mexican Specialist on his feet that much longer, Dozer also has a damage-resisting Trait as well.

This character is Blast Resistant, meaning Dozer can survive more explosive damage than your average target, and also recover quicker from said explosive damage.

Battlefield 2042: Assault Specialist – Emma ‘Sundance’ Rosier

Battlefield 2042 Specialist gameplayElectronic Arts
Sundance has her own set of projectiles capable of tracking enemy targets.

Also in the Assault Specialist category is Sundance, an agile character that brings their own deadly explosives to every fight.

Known as Smart Explosives, Sundance has a wider range of projectiles at their disposal than any other Specialist. Toggling between Anti-Armor, EMP, and Scatter Grenades, she’s able to launch their chosen device into the air and watch it automatically seek out nearby targets. Not just players, but these grenades can even track enemy vehicles as well.

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It’s also worth noting that Sundance comes to every engagement ready to fly, as the character has a Wingsuit available at all times. Sundance also happens to be the series’ first non-binary character in the Battlefield series as confirmed by the devs on Twitter.

Battlefield 2042: Engineer Specialist – Pyotr Guskovsky

Battlefield 2042 Engineer SpecialistElectronic Arts
The Engineer Specialist can bring down enemy vehicles with his trusty turret.

Pyotr ‘Boris’ Guskovsky is Battlefield’s deadly new Engineer. This Russian Specialist drops into any given map with some devastating tech by his side. Boris is able to deploy the SG-36 Sentry Gun anywhere on the map to track down enemy players and vehicles alike.

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This powerful machinery is made even better with his Sentry Operator Trait. Just by standing close to the Sentry Gun, Boris can boost its overall efficiency, making it that much more lethal.

The exclusive Gadget can be targeted by EMPs, however, so it may not be functional at all times. If you fancy yourself as an Engineer in 2042, be sure to keep an eye out for targets trying to take down your turret.

Battlefield 2042: Engineer Specialist – Kimble Graves

Battlefield 2042 IrishElectronic Arts
Battlefield 4’s Irish is back in action.

In his first appearance since BF4, Irish is finally back for vengeance. As an Engineer Specialist, he drops into action with his own unique equipment.

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First is the DCS Deployable cover system. This allows Irish to drop a small protective barrier in the heat of combat, protecting from all incoming fire. Multiple barriers can be deployed by multiple players running as Irish, creating a new defensive holdout.

Next up is the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel, an automated device that blocks explosive projectiles before they can detonate. Say a grenade is flying towards you, the APS-36 will blast it out of the sky without a hassle.

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Battlefield 2042: Recon Specialist – Wikus Van Daele

Battlefield 2042 Recon SpecialistEA DICE
The Recon Specialist is for those who prefer to remain in the shadows and scout ahead.

If staying clear of the general line of fire is more your thing, this Recon Specialist is for you. Wikus ‘Casper’ Van Daele is 2042’s South African drone expert that prefers to gather information above all else.

Through the use of his OV-P Recon Drone, this character is able to scout ahead, surveying nearby areas and providing intel to his team. The drone can tag enemies and even use special EMP Darts to take out equipment. Better yet, this drone can be piloted manually or left on autopilot while you push ahead.

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Just in case you’re worried about flankers while you sit in the drone, the Recon Specialist also comes with a Movement Sensor Trait. If anyone gets close, you’ll know right away thanks to a unique warning that appears on-screen.

Battlefield 2042: Recon Specialist – Navin Rao

Battlefield 2042 Specialist gameplayElectronic Arts
Hack enemies and even maps themselves with this Specialist.

If you prefer to outsmart your opponents, this Recon Specialist is the right pick. Dropping into combat with a Cyber Warfare Suite on his wrist, Rao is able to hack both enemy equipment and objects on various maps.

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From deployed weaponry to interactive map elements, this custom gadget just has to be aimed in the right direction to take control. Moreover, it comes with an added benefit if you’re able to hack players directly.

With the Trojan Network Trait, Rao is able to reveal nearby enemies after killing a hacked target. This can instantly highlight an entire building full of enemies if you time it right.

Battlefield 2042: Recon Specialist – Ji-Soon Paik

Battlefield 2042 Specialist gameplayElectronic Arts
Ji-Soon Paik can reveal enemies through walls.

Ji-Soon Paik drops in as the next Recon Specialist in 2042, coming equipped with her own set of perks to get the jump on nearby foes.

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First is her Threat Perception Trait. As enemies tag this Specialist, Paik automatically highlights them through surfaces, allowing you to return fire with precision.

On a similar note, the EMG-X Scanner Specialty acts as a pulsing device that highlights any nearby enemies. This has a short duration but it could be more than enough to have you clearing out entire squads in no time.

Battlefield 2042: Support Specialist – Maria Falck

Battlefield 2042 Support SpecialistEA DICE
2042’s Support Specialist can revive teammates from afar.

Up next is Maria Falck, the new Support Specialist in Battlefield 2042. This German character will be a hero for your team as her key focus is to get allies back in the fight, no different from the Medic class in previous titles.

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With her exclusive Syrette Pistol, the Support Specialist is able to revive fallen teammates from afar. If your shot is on point, this means you can safely bring wounded targets back to life without having to leave your current spot.

If you do happen to be within range, however, the Combat Surgeon Trait gives an added boost. Reviving teammates up close will bring them back to full health thanks to this unique perk.

Battlefield 2042: Support Specialist – Constantin ‘Angel’ Anghel

Battlefield 2042 Specialist gameplayElectronic Arts
Angel can restock your entire squad in no time at all.

Angel completes the set of Support Specialists available at launch in 2042. This unique character aims to benefit his squad in multiple ways.

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Through the Trauma Specialist Trait, Angel’s revives are far more effective. Reviving allies brings them back quicker than usual and with full armor as well.

Meanwhile, his Loadout Crate Speciality is a deployable care package. After designating a spot on the map, this crare parachutes in from above, providing teammates with access to armor, ammo, and even new loadouts.

Battlefield 2042: Engineer Specialist – Ewelina Lis

Ewelina Lis Specialist in Battlefield 2042Electronic Arts
Ewelina Lis joined the fight in BF 2042’s Season 1 update.

Introduced in Battlefield 2042’s Season 1 update, Ewelina Lis is the latest Specialist to join the fight. This Polish character comes equipped with a range of tools and abilities specifically geared to deal with vehicles.

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With her Armor Hunter ability, this Engineer can spot damaged vehicles through surfaces. If a Tank is on its last legs nearby, it’ll be highlighted through walls for her to see.

Following up with her G-84 TGM weapon, players can take control of a guided missile, controlling its path towards any damaged vehicles in the area.

Best Specialists in Battlefield 2042

Choosing a Battlefield 2042 specialists mainly comes down to personal preference, but there are a few picks that are better for certain playstyles.

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If you’ve grown accustomed to playing the Assault/Engineer classes in Battlefield, we recommend using either Boris or Sundance. Sundance’s wingsuit gives him extreme mobility which is great for players who like to be aggressive. Meanwhile, Boris’s turret allows him to stay stationary and lockdown a specific defensive position.

For the snipers out there, we recommend choosing Casper or Paik. Paik can use his drone to mark enemy targets, while Casper can scan enemies and track their movements — both are useful abilities if you’re tracking opponents from long-range.

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Lastly, for the medics, we recommend Falck or Angel. Falck has a special weapon that grants a health boost to allies that he shoots, while Angel can revive players with full health and armor.

So there you have it, the complete rundown on every Specialist in Battlefield 2042. While this is the full set of characters available today, we’ll be sure to keep you updated here as future additions are revealed with each season.

Keep your eyes peeled here and over at @bravoINTEL as details surrounding the next Specialists are brought to light.

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