Shroud showcases the “most broken” vehicle in Battlefield 2042

Alex Tsiaoussidis
shroud-battlefield2042-broken-vehicleEA / Twitch: Shroud

After diving into Battlefield 2042 during the early access period, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has come to the conclusion that the Hovercraft is the “most broken” vehicle in the game, explaining why on stream.

Shroud has been taking a break from the New World to grind to get back to doing what he does best — farming lobbies in first-person shooters. Battlefield 2042 has been his game of choice this week, and he’s been sharing his thoughts on it.

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He has some concerns, particularly with the Hazard Zone mode. However, he was a huge fan of the Portal mode, which allows players to create custom modes and environments based on existing Battlefield content.

In his latest playthrough, though, he claims to have discovered the “most broken” vehicle in the game. It’s not something massive like a tank or a helicopter. Instead, it’s none other than a crafty little hovercraft.

Shroud thinks the Hovercraft is the most broken vehicle in Battlefield 2042.

In the midst of battle, shroud piloted the Hovercraft and used it with his crew to wreak havoc on enemy players. They mowed down unsuspecting victims, dodged missiles, and even made a clutch getaway on water.

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After pulling off one insane play after another, shroud eventually decided that it was the most broken vehicle in the game.

“Yeah, this thing is the most broken vehicle in the game, truly,” he said. “Like, it’s not fair. I don’t know why it’s balanced this way. I don’t know. There’s a lot of whys and ifs. Who made this? This thing is busted.”

Shroud isn’t the only person who thinks the hovercraft is broken. Other players have discovered that you can use it to drive up walls and buildings.

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It could be changed before the game’s release though — it’s important to note that Battlefield 2042 is currently in early access. The official launch is happening on November 19.

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