DICE reveal significant nerfs for Battlefield 2042 Hovercrafts & vehicles

Joe Craven
Battlefield 2042 Hovercraft in action with logo

DICE have confirmed that major nerfs are set to come to Battlefield 2042’s Hovercrafts after fans quickly identified them as overpowered following the game’s launch.

Battlefield 2042 finally dropped on November 19. Plenty of fans have been quick to praise the game’s launch, especially considering the plethora of issues the game’s beta exhibited.

We’ve seen some pretty significant issues since the game launched but, amongst a number of complaints, many have centered on the relative strength of the game’s Hovercrafts.

Streamer shroud previously highlighted them as “broken”, a sentiment many have come to echo after getting their hands on them.

Vehicles Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042 offers a number of combat vehicles for players to try, but few are nearly as strong as the Hovercraft.

Players have been stunned by the LCAA Hovercraft’s armor and offensive capabilities, and revelations that they can drive up vertical walls added to their already substantial versatility.

Naturally, their strength led to widespread calls from players for a nerf, and late on November 19, DICE confirmed they will be weakened considerably.

In a vehicle balancing update, DICE said: “The LCAA Hovercraft will be re-equipped with lighter armor, lowering its health, and we’re tuning down some of its weaponry. We’re keeping a close eye on early balance for future changes”.

In short, it’ll be much easier for opponents to destroy, as well as far less capable in terms of firepower.

The extent to which the changes affect the Hovercraft’s viability and popularity remain to be seen, but the nerfs sound like they will target almost all of its most prominent strengths.

DICE also confirmed that the changes announced are scheduled to be implemented at the end of the week commencing November 22 – so we’d expect them around November 26, barring any issues or delays.

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