Best M5A3 Battlefield 2042 class setup: Attachments, Gear, Specialists, more

Battlefield 2042 M4A3 loadoutElectronic Arts

With the best M5A3 setup in Battlefield 2042, you can be an MVP in nearly every match as this well-rounded Assault Rifle is among the strongest picks in the game. From the right attachments to the best Gear, here’s everything you need to know.

If you’re looking for a balanced class to fit just about any playstyle in Battlefield 2042, you can’t look past the M5A3 Assault Rifle. Despite being the first weapon in its category, the M5A3 is among the strongest picks in the game.

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With the right set of attachments and the strongest equipment around it, this gun is capable of some serious damage across any map and mode.

So as you start grinding with the gun and leveling up for the next unlocks, here’s the optimal M5A3 class you should be striving towards in Battlefield 2042.

Best M5A3 class in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 gameplayElectronic Arts
The M5A3 is among the strongest fully automatic weapons in Battlefield 2042.
  • Sight: K8 Holo
  • Ammunition: Close Combat
  • Underbarrel: Rattlesnake Light Grip
  • Barrel: Arcom Tactical Muzzle Brake

Without any attachments equipped, the M5A3 can be a little tough to control. That’s why we’ve gone for upgrades that aim to improve accuracy without diminishing any other crucial attributes.

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First up is the K8 Holo Sight, a simple but effective optic for any Assault Rifle. While it doesn’t provide a major boost to your zoom like other options, it’s extremely quick to scope in. It provides a good middle ground to keep you in the fight at all ranges.

Next we have the Close Combat Ammunition pick for the same reason. Alternate styles may prefer more vehicle damage, for instance, but with this M5A3 build, recoil control is key.

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This attachment provides the best buff for your accuracy while also improving reload speed and rate of fire.

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Battlefield 2042 M5A3 setupElectronic Arts
Battlefield 2042 only has four attachment categories to choose from, so every pick is crucial.

In the third slot is the Rattlesnake Light Grip Underbarrel for better accuracy while moving. Given the fact that you’ll be strafe-spamming in nearly every gunfight, improved aim while on the move is essential. 

Last but not least we’ve settled on Arcom Tactical Muzzle Brake Barrel. Although this pick doesn’t provide a major boost, it’s another slight buff to your recoil control to keep M5A3 shots on target.

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Best M5A3 class in Battlefield 2042 (Gear & Specialists)

Battlefield 2042 gameplayElectronic Arts
The IBA Armor Plate is one of the more effective picks in the Gear slot.

Now that you’ve got the perfect attachments sorted, the right Gear and Specialist for the job is just as important. A solid M5A3 build would be no good with the wrong setup around it.

So with that in mind, we’ve prioritized the IBA Armor Plate as the most important piece of Gear for this Assault Rifle class. Obviously, if you prefer blasting helicopters out the sky, or prefer to aid your team with ammo drops, those are always handy picks too. But the Armor Plate fits best overall as extra health is never a bad thing.

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Battlefield 2042 gameplayElectronic Arts
Sundance is not just the most agile Specialist in Battlefield 2042, but also the most fun to play.

Similarly, your choice of character is ultimately down to personal preference, but we’ve found Sundance to be the strongest Specialist for this M5A3 class. The wingsuit affords some of the best mobility in Battlefield 2042, helping you cruise around any given map and get to the next gunfight with ease.

Moreover, the Grenade Belt is also one of the simpler gadgets in the game. In the blink of an eye, you can quickly throw out on of three types of explosives then get right back to firing the M5A3.

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Best M5A3 loadout stats

  • Firepower: 45
  • Accuracy: 52
  • Range: 47
  • Handling: 55
  • Rate of Fire: 800
  • Magazine Size: 35
  • Fire Modes: Full Auto | Single Fire
  • Zoom Level: 1.25

So that’s a quick rundown on all there is to know about building the best M5A3 class in Battlefield 2042. With this setup, you’ll be leading your squad to the top of the standings in no time.

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