One Piece chapter 1084 hints at Im’s true identity

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An image of Imu in One Piece chapter 1084

Im’s true identity is one of the biggest mysteries in One Piece, and chapter 1084 just drops a major hint at who that individual might be. 

One Piece’s Final Saga is the most intense the story has ever been. Ever since Im’s introduction, fans can’t stop wondering about the true identity of the world’s sovereign, who shouldn’t even exist in the first place.

Nothing about Im has ever been revealed except for the fact that they sit on the Empty Throne. They possess some unknown ability or weapon capable of destroying an island in seconds.

Judging by the fact that even Gorosei bow down to Im, the latter has the highest authority in the world. Here’s how chapter 1084 of One Piece hints at Im’s true identity.

Queen Lili of the Nefertari Family was the ruler of Arabasta over 800 years ago

An image of Nefertari Cobra seeing Imu in One Piece

One Piece chapter 1084 finally reveals the conversation between Nefertari Cobra and Gorosei. Cobra starts talking about the history of the World Government and the twenty allied nations that formed it. 

He also reveals the name of Queen Lili of Nefertari House, who was the ruler of Arabasta during that era. She’s the only sovereign who refused to leave her Kingdom at someone else’s hands. This is why the Nefertari Family continues to rule Arabasta to this day.

This confuses Gorosei, and they ask about the king’s true purpose in saying all that. Nefertari Cobra continues as he talks about scouring through all his Kingdom’s ancient texts but is unable to find anything related to Queen Lili as if her name has been erased from existence.

Nefertari Cobra further claims that Queen Lili never made it back home, and the burden of ruling the country fell on her brother’s shoulders. Gorosei refuses to have any knowledge about this and claims that she did make it back home, but the records are lost in history.

Without dwelling too much on it, Nefertari Cobra enquires about the meaning of “D,” confusing Gorosei even more. What’s more, Nefertari reveals that Queen Lili pens this short letter. 

One Piece chapter 1084 hints at Im’s identity and their connection with the Nefertari Family

An image of Im holding Vivi's picture in One Piece

One Piece chapter 1084 hints that Im’s identity has something to do with the Nefertari Family, or rather Queen Lili. Oda also reveals that Im is, in fact, immortal, as many people claim.

After Nefertari Cobra enquires about the meaning of “D,” he sees a mysterious individual walking toward the Empty Throne and sitting on it. As the Arabasta King finds his idea of the entire world crumbling before him, he hears Im taking the name of Lili. 

Im’s connection with Queen Lili has yet to be revealed. Chapter 906 shows Im shredding the pictures and bounties of Shirahoshi, Luffy, and Blackbeard. However, the only picture the mysterious ruler of the world didn’t ruin is one of Vivi Nefertari.

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