Hell’s Paradise: Does the Elixir of Life exist?

Tulisha srivastava
An image of Gabimaru from Hell's Paradise

The plot of Hell’s Paradise revolves around the search for the Elixir of Life. However, that very mission is uncertain since no one knows if the Elixir said to grant immortality even exists or not.

Hell’s Paradise is often considered to be one of the dark trio of the Shonen series. The ongoing anime version breathes life into the manga with beautiful visuals and excellent voiceovers. The story follows an elite Shinobi assassin Gabimaru the Hollow, from the village of Iwagakure. 

As someone on the death penalty, Gabimaru’s only hope for survival is joining the expedition to search for the Elixir of Life. However, the Elixir is said to be on the mysterious island called Shinsenkyo. Some call it the underworld, while others call it Paradise. Nonetheless, no one who goes there comes back alive. 

The Shogun wishes to obtain immortality; therefore, sick of sacrificing his Samurai, he sends criminals to their place. Therefore, wishing to grant pardon for their crimes, they all travel to the island accompanied by the Asaemon in search of a legend. Delve deeper to find out whether the Elixir of Life exists in Hell’s Paradise.

Is the Elixir of Life real in Hell’s Paradise?

An image of the mysterious island Shinsenkyo in Hell's Paradise

Despite everyone’s doubts, the Elixir of Life does exist in Hell’s Paradise. The completed Tan elixir is presumably able to grant immortality to whoever consumes it. Tan is a prototype Elixir created by harvesting the Tao of humans from a pit located in Kotaku (another name for Shinsenkyo). 

Lord Tensen’s followers can create an elixir that extends their lives, granting them more Tao reserves and immortality. Although its properties are beneficial, Tan can only be consumed by Tensens because it causes Arborification and death in other consumers. 

Rien, the true ruler of Kotaku, is able to create the ideal Elixir of Life after encountering Aza Chobei. She witnesses Aza escaping from the Tan pit and gaining regenerative abilities after having his Tao fused with Flower Tao. Rien realizes Aza’s potential and convinces him to join Lord Tensen and perform experiments. In doing so, she is finally able to complete her millenium-old research.

Does anyone find the Elixir of Life?

An image of Hell's Paradise manga ending

Gabimaru, Yuzuriha, and Gantetsusai all form a team and finally get their hands on the Elixir of Life. However, they face a dilemma as to who should be allowed to present the Elixir to the Shogun. In Hell’s Paradise, the entire expedition is created, remembering that the only one who can find the Elixir of Life will be pardoned. 

As such, the three decide that Gantetsusai will officially get the pardon. Whereas, the other two will declare themselves officially dead and start their lives anew after discarding their identities. The one who helps them in forging the documents is Yamada Asaemon Jikka. 

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