Naruto’s biggest problem is the protagonist’s Talk no Jutsu

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Naruto’s Talk no Jutsu is his “technique” to talk villains out of their evil ways. However, this fan-made term is actually the biggest problem of the series. 

As one of the shonen classics, Naruto follows a certain pattern in its storytelling. One element that stands out the most is Naruto’s long speeches to help his enemies turn over a new leaf. 

While it may be a good gesture initially, it becomes so redundant that the series completely loses the hype it creates for its villains. As someone who has gone through many challenges in the past, Naruto shows compassion to everyone, even his enemies.

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Talk no Jutsu works by disapproving of the opponent’s philosophy of life and imposing his own as the more valid one. His refusal to give up and his ability to inspire everyone around him eventually convince his opponent that he is right. This may be seen as one of Naruto’s strengths, but the way the series portrays it is flawed and illogical.

Why Naruto’s Talk no Jutsu is his biggest problem?


The very premise of the series is the characters being victims of the cruel world they live in. Some follow the path of good, while others choose to be evil. Their ideologies are etched into very beings. However, somehow, Naruto is able to change that with a few words. He goes on to explain how he understands them and that they are both similar to have suffered in the past. 

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However, though Naruto may have a tragic past of his own, comparing that to others doesn’t feel right. For example, Gaara and Naruto are both Jinchuuriki who suffer isolation in their respective villages. Their situations are similar and yet greatly different at the same time. Naruto stays under the protection of the Third Hokage. Though the people ostracized him, he doesn’t face life-threatening situations as Gaara does. Not to mention, the people who try to kill Gaara are the ones closest to him, his family. 

In such circumstances, simply comparing their pasts seem insensitive. But since Naruto is the protagonist, it all works in his favour, and Gaara becomes his closest ally. Another problem is how the series ruins some of the most iconic villains with Talk no Jutsu. Obito Uchiha is one of the victims of the world. 

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Nonetheless, that doesn’t justify the countless atrocities he has committed in the past. Obito is the major reason the Fourth Great Ninja War started in the first place. However, Naruto’s speech changes him, and he is able to seek redemption. But does he deserve that? 

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Though he helps Team 7 by the end of the war, he is not able to wash clean from the crime of killing thousands of people. He takes the lives of Minato and Kushina and wages war against the world and justifies his actions using his tragedy. 

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In the end, Obito dies with peace of mind knowing Naruto and Kakashi “forgives” him. But what the series fails to portray is that he never receives forgiveness from the families of thousands of other people who die because of him. As such, Naruto’s Talk no Jutsu and his forgiveness seem condescending.

Has Talk no Jutsu ever failed Naruto?

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Naruto’s “iconic” Talk no Jutsu doesn’t always work well against everyone. Not everyone is like Nagato, who is ready to accept the change in a matter of moments. For example, Sasuke is so hellbent on revenge that he loses sight of what’s important to him. 

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It takes him a few years to get back on track, and not once does Naruto’s Talk no Jutsu work on him. Sasuke’s transition from evil to good happens gradually as he finds the truth behind his clan’s massacre, his brother’s love for him, and the state of the world. 

Another example is the primary antagonist of the series, Madara Uchiha. He only wants to fight with Hashirama and destroy the world. Therefore, he doesn’t even consider Naruto’s Talk no Jutsu even for a second. 

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