One Piece: What makes the Red Hair Pirates so special?

An image of the Red Hair Pirates arriving at Marineford in One PieceCrunchyroll

Despite only appearing a handful of times, the Red Hair Pirates are the most hyped crew in One Piece. Here’s what makes this Emperor crew so special.

One Piece’s central theme is pirates exploring the world in search of a legendary treasure that’s located on the last island. However, the mere act of setting out to sea on their own is deemed a significant crime. As such, pirates need to be extremely strong if they want to survive in the brutal world.

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The most hyped pirate crew rarely appears in the series. And yet, when they do, fans are sure that something major is about to take place. When the Red Hair Pirates are first introduced in the series, no one would’ve imagined that they would turn out to be one of the strongest crew in the world, reigning over the seas.

Even now, they are shrouded in mystery, especially their captain, Shanks. No one knows what their real goal is or how much power they hold. However, one characteristic makes the Red Hair Pirates more special than the other pirate crews.

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Why are the Red Hair Pirates so special?


In the world of One Piece, the primary source of one’s powers is Devil Fruits and Haki. There are more than 100 characters with Devil Fruit powers, which goes to show how impactful it is to the series. Even the strongest of Luffy’s opponents have honed their Devil Fruit abilities, making them a force to be reckoned with. 

And yet, none of the members of the Red Hair Pirates have such powers. Instead, they rely on skills such as Haki, swordsmanship, and marksmanship to get to where they are today. They can take on just about any opponent, even without any extra power.  

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What powers do the Red Hair Pirates have?

Shanks, the captain of the crew, is a master of all forms of Haki. The series has yet to show anyone with the same level of Conqueror’s Haki that he possesses. Shanks also specializes in swordsmanship. Furthermore, One Piece manga recently revealed that he can use Roger’s signature attack, “Divine Departure.” 

Shanks’ right-hand man, Benn Beckman, is proficient enough in Armament Haki to imbue his arms with it and block strong physical attacks from his opponents. Yassop, the crew’s sniper, is best known for his Observation Haki, which he can use to even communicate with his son from afar, as shown in One Piece Film: Red. 

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The ship’s cook, Lucky Roo, specializes in Armament Haki and has a unique fighting style called “Self-Bowling.” Finally, Limejuice is best known for his own version of “Skywalk,” which is somewhat similar to Sanji’s Sky Walk and Lucci’s Moon Walk. 

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