One Piece manga hiatuses are essential in the Final Saga

Tulisha srivastava
The cast and characters of the One Piece anime standing together and smiling

Since One Piece is a long-running series, weekly producing good quality chapters is nearly impossible, so the series often goes on hiatus. Now that the Final Saga has begun, the number of hiatuses is increasing, which may turn out to be a good thing.

One Piece’s Final Saga invokes some bittersweet feelings within fans. While they are curious to find out the truth behind every mystery, it is equally disheartening for such an exceptional story to end. Nonetheless, Oda has confirmed that the story is far from over.

He couldn’t be more right, considering how frequently the manga has been going on hiatus. The worse part is the Final Saga features one shocking moment after another. And with each shocking moment being revealed, Oda decides to take a long break.

This isn’t the first time One Piece has gone on hiatus, with both the anime and manga taking breaks over their long runs. But somehow, at such an important part of the story, the frequent hiatuses in One Piece don’t sit well with fans. Nonetheless, these frequent breaks are essential in the Final Saga.

Frequent hiatuses hype up a chapter for a longer time

An image of Shanks using Divine Departure Against Kid Pirates

Hiatuses are often a good way for manga authors and animators to take a break from it all. Though One Piece hiatuses are getting more frequent, the main reason it is good is all the hype it creates among fans. No other arc has been as intense as the Final Saga. Whether it is about Sabo’s whereabouts, Dr Vegapunk’s real appearance, Shanks’ powers, or the conflict between Law and Blackbeard, these incidents are impacting the world on a broader scale.

With so much going on, fans are eager to see how everything will play out in the end. However, if there is no new chapter coming out next week, they are able to hype up one incident for much longer than expected. And with how popular One Piece is, this trend is working. Whether it is forum discussions or fan theories, these breaks allow fans to talk about a certain incident, and it helps builds excitement.

For example, chapter 1076 ends with the Red-Haired Pirates declaring war against the Kid Pirates. The manga then takes a one-week break, leaving fans to worry about Kid’s fate. The hype only ends when the Kid Pirates suffer a crushing defeat in chapter 1080.

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