Demon Slayer: The Infinity Castle explained

An image of the Infinity Castle in Demon SlayerCrunchyroll

In Demon Slayer, the Infinity Castle, where the Upper Moons held their meetings, is shrouded in several mysteries. The first episode of the “Swordsmith Village Arc” features a mysterious castle with bizarre layouts and dimensions.

Demon Slayer is a popular Shonen anime series set in a world where demon slayers and demons hunt each other down. Among those demons are the terrifying Twelve Kizuki, who Muzan Kibutsuji leads. He is the first demon in history and has unparalleled strength. 

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He resides in the peculiar Infinity Castle that seems to have been controlled by a biwa demon. It is a place where the Upper Ranks of the Twelve Kizuki hold meetings whenever one of them is defeated. 

However, because it is so rare, the meeting after Gyutaro’s death was held after more than a century. The first episode features Muzan standing upside down while doing some research. Delve deeper to discover how the Infinity Castle is created and it functions in Demon Slayer.

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Who created the Infinity Castle in Demon Slayer?

An image of the biwa demon Nakime who created the Infinity Castle in Demon SlayerCrunchyroll

Although it is Muzan’s primary residence, the one who actually created the Infinity Castle is the biwa demon, Nakime. The castle itself is her Blood Demon Art, and she uses her biwa as a medium to use it. Nakime is not strong in a conventional way since she has never shown much fighting prowess. 

However, because of her terrifying ability, Muzan seems to value her a lot, even to the point of promoting her as the Upper Four Moon after Hantengu’s death. Her Blood Demon Art is called “Infinity Castle,” which takes the extra-dimensional space that houses a fortress of infinite scale. Nakime has absolute control over the space. 

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She can shape rooms into massive pillars capable of crushing her enemies. Nakime can shift and change the castle’s layout as if they are their own limbs. Furthermore, she can spawn portals at any location to transport people outside her fortress or anywhere within it. 

Her primary duty is to act as a mode of transport for the Upper Moons when they are sent on missions. She also assists Muzan in moving around the country undetected.

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The bizarre layout of the Infinity Castle


The Infinity Castle has several wooden rooms, halls, and moving corridors. Its warped gravity allows demons to stand upside down or even perpendicularly on walls. The castle doesn’t have an exterior since it’s an extra-dimensional space. Nakime uses her Blood Demon Art to constantly change the layout as she sees fit. 

The range of the Infinity Castle appears to increase beyond its already incomprehensibly enormous area. Nakime was able to manipulate Enmu and transport him to an unknown village that appeared nowhere near the castle, even dropping him in place with a mystical vanishing door. 

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The Infinity Castle’s unusually distorted gravity allows for the formation of impossible structures. Akaza descends hundreds of stories past the distorted corridors and halls on his way to the Upper-Rank gathering. He also flies through a vast and elegant water garden palace, only to ‘fall’ further past, reaching the bottom and landing on the floor. 

This is later shown to be a wall built in the direction of the changing columns beneath him. He is then transported up above the columns and past the ceiling via opening doors, arriving at a vast maze-like place filled with tall pillars.

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