Demon Slayer: The powers and abilities of Muzan Kibutsuji explained

Tulisha srivastava
An image of Muzan Kibutsuji from Demon Slayer

Muzan Kibutsuji is the primary antagonist in Demon Slayer, whose real powers are yet to be revealed in the anime. However, as the original demon, his powers are beyond any living being.

Demon Slayer’s primary antagonist, Muzan Kibutsuji, s the Demon King, the first of his kind and the progenitor of all other demons in existence. He has been around for over a millennium, not once seeing the light of day. 

He is also the leader of the Twelve Kizuki, a group of the twelve most powerful demons working directly under him. His strength is unlike any being in the world, which is why he has been able to survive for this long. 

During the Heian Era, over a millennium ago, Muzan transformed into a demon after an experimental treatment to cure his terminal illness. Since then, his only goal has been to love without any weakness and become the perfect immortal. Here’s a look at the powers and abilities of Muzan Kibutsuji in Demon Slayer.

The Blood Demon Art of Muzan Kibutsuji in Demon Slayer

An image of Muzan Kibutsuji in the form of a woman in Demon Slayer

Muzan’s Blood Demon Art is known as “Biokinesis.” It allows him to alter his body and shapeshift at will. Although all demons have this innate ability, Muzan elevates it by modifying his flesh and organs. 

Biokinesis is also the only reason Muzan has been able to hide from the Demon Slayer Corps for 1000 years. However, his Blood Demon Art grants much more than a shapeshifting ability.

In Infinity Castle, Muzan morphs into a massive flesh cocoon during the battle to dissolve the poison that transforms him back into a human. Muzan then emerges from the cocoon in a stronger form, with jaws sprouting all over his body to quickly kill and swallow Demon Slayers to regain power.

His biokinetic abilities also grant him the ability to make puppets of flesh and command them. He also has a unique anatomy, which he obtained via manipulating and modifying his own physiological features. 

Muzan Kibutsuji is the only character in Demon Slayer to have a total of seven hearts and five brains. These extra organs appear to be significantly responsible for the majority of his extraordinarily powerful constitution and resistance to decapitation by Nichirin Swords. 

Muzan uses two primary techniques of his Blood Demon Art: “Black Blood, Brambles and Shockwave Energy Blast.” Black Blood, Brambles allows him to use his own flesh and blood to create several black spiked-barbed wires to entangle his target.

On the other hand, Shockwave Energy Blast is the ability to project long-ranged energy-like shockwaves that destroys the nervous systems of Muzan’s targets. The targets suffer extreme seizures and convulsions, even rendering them unable to breathe for a brief time. Shockwave Energy Blast is one of the terrifying abilities of Muzan Kibutsuji in Demon Slayer.

Muzan’s Demonic Blood grants him special abilities beyond his Blood Demon Art

Muzan Kibutsuji is the only character in Demon Slayer to transform humans into demons. Not only that, he can further amplify their powers by giving them more of his blood. However, this depends on how much blood the recipient can withstand and adapt to.

Muzan can read the minds of other demons with whom he has shared his blood simply by looking at them. He can also communicate with other demons telepathically and conduct lengthy dialogues with them. 

He once appeared in Akaza’s mind to persuade him to keep fighting. Later, he communicated with Kokushibo to discover how many Hashira he had defeated and to instruct him to keep them at bay until he recovered from Tamayo’s poison.

Muzan has very keen senses that allow him to notice things that are beyond the typical range of perception. He identified the existence of humans even when they were dispersed around a mountain and detected wounded Demon Slayers regaining consciousness while being far away from them.

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