Demon Slayer’s final arc has two MVPs, according to fans

Anamika Das
The Hashira

According to Demon Slayer fans, the Final Battle Arc has two MVPs we can look forward to.

Demon Slayer ended the Hashira Training Arc with a bang. Up next on the list is the highly anticipated Infinity Castle Arc movie trilogy, which is the first part of the final arc of the Demon Slayer manga.

As expected, the final arc is where all the main characters truly shine. Every major character has a pivotal role, with Tanjiro’s group and the Hashira bringing their best in the final fight against Muzan Kibutsuji and his Upper Moon demons. (Warning: spoilers from the manga ahead.)

But while everyone contributes to Muzan’s defeat, there are two characters without whom it would’ve been impossible. And thus, fans hail Tamayo and Shinobu Kocho as the true MVPs of the final arc.

Tamayo is the demon Tanjiro and Nezuko befriend towards the start of the series. She was once Muzan’s companion and carries a deep hatred for him. As for Shinobu, she’s the Insect Hashira and the resident doctor of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Neither Tamayo nor Shinobu are the strongest fighters of the bunch. But that doesn’t stop them from orchestrating Muzan’s downfall before the final battle begins. As women of science, the two join forces to develop a medicine that can turn demons into humans.

Before them, that was an unthinkable concept. In fact, Tanjiro set out on his journey for the very purpose of reverting Nezuko to human again. His dream will finally come true in the final arc thanks to Tamayo and Shinobu’s medicine.

Their invention also plays the biggest role in Muzan’s death. If it wasn’t for Tamayo poisoning herself with it before being absorbed by Muzan, the demon king would’ve easily escaped the Hashira’s clutches. Though the demon ultimately revived himself, the final arc wouldn’t have even begun if it wasn’t for Tamayo.

On the other hand, Shinobu’s role in the last arc goes far beyond their medicine. She contributes greatly to the defeat of Doma, the Upper Moon 2. How she does it is as clever as it is heartbreaking.

So, fans believe these two are the real MVPs of the last Demon Slayer arc. As one X user wrote, “Without these two girls, the Hashira would all be dead,” with another saying, “That’s what the unsung hero awards are for.”

A third commented, “The fact that some of you ignored that Shinobu helped Tamayo create the medicine for turning demons into humans. Y’all are something for real. WHERE DOES THE MEDICINE GO? YES, TO MUZAN. HOW DID THEY MANAGE TO WAIT UNTIL THE SUNRISE? YES, THE MEDICINE.”

A fourth joined, “If Shinobu never gave Kanao her leftover antidote for the very end… Tanjiro would’ve never made it back. That was all Shinobu (& Kanao).”

The Infinity Castle Arc has a lot to get excited about, and Tamayo and Shinobu are definitely some of the best among the highlights.

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