Demon Slayer fans learn subtle detail about Muzan that makes them want Jujutsu Kaisen crossover

Anthony McGlynn
Muzan in Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Season 4 gave us a huge finale involving Muzan attacking the Demon Slayer Corps, and his presence has uncovered a particular fact that has fans wanting a crossover with Jujutsu Kaisen.

After several years, the Demon Slayer Corps are about to face Muzan once and for all, something the Hashira have long been preparing for. Demon Slayer: Infinity Castle will depict the battle, a massive conflict between Muzan’s ranks and the slayers for the fate of mankind.

A scene in the Season 4 finale has Muzan invoke his own abusive history, reminding Tamayo of how he possessed her in order to kill her family.

A grim reminder of what we’re dealing with, a fan on Reddit posted about this scene reminding them of the five women Muzan settled down with only to drive them to die by suicide.

This all occurred during the Heian era of Japan, from around 794 to 1185. Funnily enough, Sukuna, the big bad of Jujutsu Kaisen, was active during this period as well, and now people are wondering what a fight between the two would look like.

“Muzan vs Sukuna would be interesting and at the same time boring,” says one fan. “I forgot Muzan was from the Heian era damn. Would he have been buddies with Sukuna or would they have hated each other?” another commenter muses.

“If he talked shit to Sukuna he definitely wouldn’t have been, but if he stayed neutral and out of his way, they’d have no reason to care for each other, or even interact,” another fan responds.

This is probably closest to the truth, since they’re singular demonic entities bound by different goals and rules. Sukuna is a curse who seeks to destroy the Jujutsu Sorcerers then live in eternal decadence and nihilism, whereas Muzan wants as much power and control as he can get.

These objectives don’t need to overlap, and their enemies are operating in different spheres as well. That said, Sukuna would probably wipe out Muzan pretty easily, since the power-scaling in Jujutsu Kaisen is way wackier than in Demon Slayer.

Really, there’s only one way to settle this for sure. Gege Akutami and Koyoharu Gotouge need to make a crossover. Ultimately, they’d be the winners, since this team-up would practically print money. While we wait for either show to return, check out our guides on Solo Leveling Season 2, Tower of God Season 2, and Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest.

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