Demon Slayer: Every living Hashira and their powers

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Demon Slayer Gyomei Hashira power

Demon Slayer’s Hashira Training Arc will reveal the powers of the strongest Corps members — here’s a look at their abilities.

Demon Slayer Season 4, one of the most highly-anticipated anime series of the year, is about to make its epic debut. The upcoming season will focus on the Demon Slayers undergoing vigorous training under each Hashira.

After Mitsuri and Muichiro manifested their Demon Slayer Marks, the Corps realized that all Demon Slayers must learn that to fight the Upper Moons. Hashira are the powerhouse of the Corps and are respected by everyone.

Hence, if they all awaken their marks, they will be even more unstoppable. However, after Rengoku’s death and Uzui’s retirement, the Corps only has seven active Hashira, which is a major loss for them. As we learn more about these powerful Demon Slayers, we’ve gone through all the Hashira, and their powers.

8. Insect Hashira: Shinobu Kocho

Demon Slayer Hashira Shinobu power

Shinobu Kocho uses the Insect Breathing style. She doesn’t have the same physical powers as the other Hashira, as she’s the only demon slayer who can’t cut off a demon’s head. So, she makes up for it by creating poison using Wisteria.

From the handle to just above the hilt, her katana is identical to any other katana. However, beyond that point, the blade is replaced with a rod. It only has a needle-like point that looks and functions similarly to an insect’s stinger and is infused with poison. Her breathing style is derived from Water Breathing, one of the five fundamental breathing styles. She has used four forms in the manga.

7. Sound Hashira: Tengen Uzui

Demon Slayer Tengen Uzui

Tengen Uzui retired after his fight with Upper Moon Six Gyutaro, meaning he never manifested his Demon Slayer Mark. Even so, Uzui is one of the strongest characters in the series. He’s the only Hashira who uses two gigantic Nichirin cleavers.

The blades feature a notch on the cutting edge and are kept together by a metal chain, similar to nunchucks. He derived his Sound Breathing from the Thunder Breathing Style. It combines Uzui’s heightened hearing (the Musical Score method he learned as a shinobi), dual Nichirin cleavers, and anti-demon bombs.

6. Love Hashira: Mitsuri Kanroji

An image of Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer

Mitsuri was gifted with heightened physical stats since birth. She trained under Rengoku and developed her love breathing style through his flame breathing. Furthermore, Mitsuri even manifested her Demon Slayer Mark in Season 3, which heightened her overall abilities.

Mitsuri wields an extraordinarily thin, flexible, and long Nichirin sword that resembles a whip. Her superhuman flexibility allows her to wield her weapon freely without cutting herself in the process. Although she can use flame breathing, her main forte is love breathing that better suits her unqiue fighting style and katana.

5. Serpent Hashira: Obanai Iguro

Obanai Iguro Demon Slayer Hashira power

Obanai’s powers will be revealed in the Hashira Training Arc. He is partially blind in his right eye, so he developed a fighting style using his snake, Kaburamaru. The snake can read and foresee a target’s assaults before relaying that knowledge to Obanai.

Obanai’s nichirin katana resembles an Indonesian Kris Sword, with the blade-shaped into waves simulating a crawling snake. His Serpent Breathing is derived from the Water Breathing Style. His fighting style includes Kaburamuru’s help and his use of twists and turns akin to how a serpent slithers to attack unexpectedly.

4. Mist Hashira: Muichiro Tokito

An image of Muichiro awakening his Demon Slayer Mark

Muichiro Tokito also manifested his Demon Slayer Mark in Season 3. The arc also revealed that he’s the descendant of a Sun Breathing user. Even so, Muichiro uses Mist Breathing, which is derived from Wind Breathing.

It is breathing style Muichiro learned from a Mist Breathing cultivator. Muichiro is the most talented Mist Breathing user of his generation. He got so skilled at it that he even developed a new mist-breathing method that was crucial in beating Gyokko.

3. Water Hashira: Giyu Tomioka

Giyu Tomioka

Giyu learned his Water Breathing Style from Urokodaki. Although Water Breathing has 10 forms in total, Giyu created an eleventh form, which he has only ever used. Water Breathing is one of the five styles directly derived from Sun Breathing.

Hence, there has always been a Water Hashira since the creation of those styles. It mimics water, especially the flow, fluidity, and adaptability of the liquid, and copies it with the user’s actions, skills, and talents.

2. Wind Hashira: Sanemi Shinazugawa

Demon Slayer Hashira Sanemi power

Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc will also reveal Sanemi’s powers for the first time. His Wind Breathing is one of the five styles directly derived from Sun Breathing. Sanemi learned and mastered with Masachika Kumeno after tutelage from an unknown cultivator.

Wind Breathing imitates wind, particularly tremendous torrents of air and whirlwinds, through the user’s motions, techniques, and abilities. Most of the known techniques and forms include just offensive attacks.

1. Stone Hashira: Gyomei Himejima

Strongest Hashira in Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc will not only reveal Gyomei’s powers but also confirm that he’s the strongest Hashira. Because he is blind, he has sharp senses and excellent reflexes. Instead of a regular Katana, Gyomei wields a chained flail and axe forged of extremely high-quality iron that has absorbed a lot of sunlight.

The metal’s quality is thought to be even higher than during the Sengoku Period, the golden age of Demon Slayers. Stone Breathing is also directly derived from Sun Breathing, which mimics earth and stone and replicates it with the user’s movements.

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